Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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 Drow at Peace

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While Drow are not making war on the human and elven populations on the surface, they spend quite a bit of time quietly preparing the security of their current position and making or attempting to make that position stronger. As a member of House Mori’hyanda, you should expect your fellow House members (in character of course) to struggle for dominance over you. Drow Houses tend to be chaotic and friendships are usually only made based on their utility. With this in mind, any internal plot should be discussed with the House leaders and the target of your character’s ambitions to avoid out of character misunderstandings and interference with other plots that may be going on unnoticed to you. Also bear in mind, the cost of failure is very high in Drow culture; there is no greater sin than failure, and so plan well if you expect to advance using this method.

Though we are evil, grasping creatures, a House is all that makes a Drow a Drow. If he or she loses it, due to some gross breach of station and rank, failure in an important task or betrayal (that is caught), then he or she is nothing, an outcast worthy of death. One should make every effort to support the House, by providing information, defeating enemies, and obeying commands of the leaders in game. You should make every effort to put guild members above outsiders.
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Drow at Peace
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