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 House War 'Assassinations'

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PostSubject: House War 'Assassinations'   House War 'Assassinations' Icon_minitimeSun Jan 18, 2009 5:58 pm

Stage 1 'Assassinations'. House War PvP/Aggression Rules;

1) Absolutely no fighting in Szith. This does not give males free reign to insult any members of the Yathrin or above inside the city nor does it mean that Yathrin can enjoy outright killing of males inside the city if the male is of the house they are at war with, please remember that Drow wars are hidden wars and all actions are taken in the shadows, Yath killing males in this mannor will be dealt with by the council and the church and punishment will be severe. The 'No fighting in Szith' rule was given by Lolth herself when Szith was visited so anyone breaking it brings shame on thier own house. If it gets to boiling point, step outside for a dust up.

2) PvP outside of Szith is allowed with conditions. Ambushing is allowed and encouraged as it is a drow thing to do with the exception that if the target is 'Effortless' then you must gain consent from the victim fisrt. Anyone who is about to moan about being attacked then you shouldn't have played drow Wink If the Effortless declines PvP then he must 'flee the area', the would be attacker should not pursue.

3) Relogging. Any reprisal attacks where you are killed with one character and relog with another to find and kill the person who just killed you will result in the DM's removing 3 levels of your PC. Logging in with a different PC after you are killed is aloud however but not to travel back for revenge, also the person who just killed you should make note to leave the area of the first kill quickly

4) OOC Raise. All people who are attacked and killed must be raised OOC'ly, if the aggressor is the one who dies (i.e. the ambusher) then they do not have to be raised. There is no scoring system for how many kills people get and RP intimidation is much better than PvP.

5) OOC complaining. If you are killed as part of this house war within the rest of the rules stated above then you are more than welcome to maon about it, the person or DM you are moaning to is also more than welcome to hit the mute button and walk away. If you don't want to be involved in PvP then do not log in with a PC of one of the houses at war.

6) Capture There is to be no capturing at this stage of the event. This will change in later Stages however.

7. Keep it Secret!. Possibly the most important rule of all so read carefully please. Drow do not openly insult each other in public. Yes they do hold deep hatred for one another at times but they do not openly insult each other, they speak with a silver tongue then stab you in the back when you arenít looking! The most likely reason for this war to fail is when an open argument between two players occurs so donít do it! In a Drow war all information gathered is used in one foul blow to cripple the other house, anyone who shows weakness by openly insulting an opposing house member will be punished severely by their Illharess for their weakness. Any non-Yath who insults a Yath anywhere is committing an act of heresy, in Szith this is a definite No under any circumstances, in the UD if you are not seen doing it and the Yath does not survive the journey back to church with news of your heresy then it cannot be recorded so be careful, witnesses to heretic acts can seriously damage your houses reputation.

8] Scream Heresy!. Heresy is a tricky subject and as such it requires careful thought. Lolth knows all and as such the council of Szith does too Wink That being the case any accusation of Heresy can be made by anyone in either house at any point however they must provide proof of the occurrence OOC'ly to their own Illharess via a screen shot. Anyone who makes a heretic accusation in game to anyone and then fails to back up the accusation with proof then the screen shot of that incident from the accused will count against the accusers house in the eyes of the council and the progression of the war.

This being said however the council will take into consideration elaborate 'false' accusations if they are laid out in the form of an IC post as a mini story with screen shots to prove actions in game and that they would be believable to the majority of drow. The council reserves the right to decide however if any false plot is believable enough and if it should count for or against your house so make false claims with caution, they may not work in your favor. Claims of heresy can only be directly made by one of the two houses in the war, regardless of alliances however evidence of heresy can come from elsewhere.

In some instances these rules do not follow server rules, these rules are being implemented by the houses in question and ONLY effect house members, when dealing with other houses or other players not directly carrying the house name the normal PvP rules of TFR apply. These rules may change with progression to the next stage. Stage 1 will run for a set amount of time known only to the Illharessen then we will move onto the next stage of the war

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PostSubject: Re: House War 'Assassinations'   House War 'Assassinations' Icon_minitimeWed Jan 21, 2009 11:44 am

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PostSubject: Re: House War 'Assassinations'   House War 'Assassinations' Icon_minitimeThu Jan 22, 2009 2:47 pm

Rule 8 added, sorry for changing but we're also learning as we go Wink
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PostSubject: Re: House War 'Assassinations'   House War 'Assassinations' Icon_minitime

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House War 'Assassinations'
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