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 Whispers from the Abyss

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Qilintha Dev'Lin


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PostSubject: Whispers from the Abyss   Fri Jan 30, 2009 2:50 pm

/// I think RP stories go here?///

Qilintha turned in her reverie; beads of sweat forming on her brow, her hand clasped a spider shaped trinket. In the stases of what you could call a dream.. Rapid eye movement… what she saw made her shiver and almost cower within herself.
‘Our dark Queen’ she murmured repeatedly. Shifting in and out of consciousness her body violently jolted on the bed, her lips curled in pleasure, a moment later in pain. The trinket seemed to feed from the quiet frenzy, glowing subtly within her grip.

The air became still and silent. No more movement could be heard nor seen, it was as it was before; Peaceful.

Qilintha waited calmly by the merchants of Szith, her eyes affixed on a cave, waiting for someone to step through it. An hour passed then two, then three. Just like her gaze, time seemed to stand still. Jaluken and jalils would stop and bow, she waved them off quickly not wanting to be disturbed. This was her time, it needed to be right.

Another hour passed, Qilintha nonchalant by the lateness, determined that she was not wrong, continued to wait.

Finally, the moment came. She watched from the distance the approach, two jalils, one leading the other, briefly looking around as they walked; unimpressed with their surroundings. Qilintha straightened her the cuffs of her gown and grinned. Qilintha bowed her head to the nameless jalil, then gave a brief nod to the other.

‘Vendui’ welcomed Qilintha ‘it is nice to finally meet dos’
Miz’ry bowed deeply to Qilintha and nodded in reply.
‘Vendui malla Ilharess’

A moment passed between the two as their eyes met. It lasted no longer than a heartbeat, but it was all they needed to confirm The Dark Lady's purpose for them. Great things were going to happen. Great and terrible things.
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Whispers from the Abyss
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