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 Cabal of a mage

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PostSubject: Cabal of a mage   Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:16 pm

Everythings began by a big boom. Hor'Kaffta couldnt see nor speak, but he knew it was his father. He could sense evil presences around him and something he will never be able to understand. A faith, a path throught nightmares and shadows, from deadly mist to divine wrathand who knows elsewhere... It will lead his soul in a maze of invisible walls, hunted by those a grey can't forget, the ones who speak with pain.
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PostSubject: Cabal of a mage   Sat Mar 21, 2009 2:30 pm

It took some time for his sens to come back. He can't really say how much time, but months, he guess. First, was his ears. He remembers his mothers voice near him since he was almost all the time in laying somewhere. Sometimes visitors came and was surprised to see him. He coulnt understand why, since he was still blind and mute. All he knew its his mother was there to watch and take care of him... Someone entered the house's door in a sound just as the last remembrance he had of his father. Boom, then a few entered his home. He could sense their evil faith. A feeling of moisture in the air, or was it on his spine, he can't remembers. Then he understood the words spoke by one of them. Not completly but enough to follow. "Xas!...dos must pay...or next time its dost son, ...pffft!....dos rothe....cant do nauthing right."A moment of silence then the door closed.
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PostSubject: Cabal of a mage   Sun Mar 22, 2009 1:56 pm

Then he recovered his sight. It was a couple of weeks, after the last encounter with the evil presences. He didnt ask his mother who they was, maybe because he wasnt really scared of them or just because he was a teenager. Hor'Kraffta is now 45 years old, quite young for one of his kind. Onecycle, when his mother wasnt home, he decided to get up up his bed then. it was an old workbench his father hadnt use for years. The matress was a pile of old pieces of fabric. remembrance of his childhood began ta raise a sad feeling in him. Its was his gran-parents who had knit these fabrics. And then, a sound... the sound of miners using their pickaxes on ore veins around the city or wasnt it guards training? He cant really remember. He decided to take a look at the city. Since he was laying on a couch for too many cycles, he grabed a pickaxe left near the front door and went outside the house. The city was looking just as what as he remembered. Lot of Grey working ores, miners were passing, slaves were following the miners. Even drow and svirf voices was echoeing in the large cave of the city of Raduger, a sound he could never forget. Those who saw him that day, threw interogating looks to him. Since he couldnt speak to them, he had just passed before them without payind attention. He went mining, in the tunnels near the city. His father taught him a secret place where ore and gem cover an entire cave, as large as Nyr.
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PostSubject: Cabal of a mage   Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:38 pm

Back at Raduger, Hor noticed a burned stand near his House. He remembers all the glass vials and flasks shaterred around it. Dust was covering the remains of the stand, noticed Hor. "It shuld be there fer sum time now, with all that dust covering it" he thought. Arrived home, a pinned notice on the door get his attention.

Dear Hor,

I left Raduger to work for Drow. I live at Sith now. Remember, your mom loves you. Whatever could happen, I will be there in your heart. When you'll get older, come see me. I work for the Mori'Hyanda quellar.

Hor walked in the house, angry. "What on Fearun we have done ta diserve this, its unfair....drows came in ta rob us then we have ta work for them cuz we are poor..."

His day at work in the mines mades him tired and he went to bed earlier that day. Even exhausted, he couldnt sleep well, thinking of his mom and dad..."Dad, how much time since last time me saw ye, where are ye dad..."he thought. Even exhausted, he couldnt sleep that night. He decided to go back in the tunnel to finish what he had began. He gets up, took his pickaxe and went out. The city was calm, no signs of activities since most of the comoners were asleep. He noticed a small group of what looked to be grey dwarves, but he couldnt really say because they had helmets to hide their face. He finaly reached his spot, the one his dad taught him to get to. Not long after, strange sounds came up to him, sounds of thousands miners working. Strange because they were almost all asleep. Then an explosion, a second...and a third. The tunnel colapses. He lost counsciousness.
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PostSubject: Re: Cabal of a mage   

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Cabal of a mage
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