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 Dealing With the Shebali of the Mist

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PostSubject: Dealing With the Shebali of the Mist   Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:48 am

**After brief conversation by the circle, the Ulath'tallar, The Mori'hyanda Yath'Sargtlin, Vin'del, and several other Jalukul adjourn to the temple of Arach Tinilith, to discuss the Mist in private.

On there way to the temple, they are joined by the Shade.

When they arrive at the temple they begin discussing current events. The disturbing news of attacks with in Sorcere and the disappearance of Rizzen the Arachmage seems to enrage the Ulath'tallar almost as much as the Faernen present.

Turning quickly to Xandren she orders him to track down this jalil known as Isandra and bring her to the temple straight away.

With a bow, Xandren disappears through the great temple doorway and into the darkness of Szith's academies.

Not long after, Xandren returns with Isandra.

Examining Isandra's eyes, Vilmiathien proceeds to question her. Isandra explains her dreams and visions to the Ulathtallar. With a growl Vilmaiathien shoves her roughly towards the alter.

"The church of Lolth wishes to cure your ailments, child", Vil tells Isandra, with an evil grin.

Isandra expresses relief as the High Priestesses on either side of the alter restrain her, shoving her to her knees and pulling her had back so she is looking straight up.

Vilmiathien draws a dagger and approaches Isandra.

"Valsharess Pau'mai was indeed wise to leave a jalil with potential alive, yet, if this mist has origins from some heathen deity, it can not be allowed to function in the temple of Lolth. The greater power must devour the lesser!!!"

Vilmiathien raises the dagger over Isandra's left eyes and slowly comes down stabbing into the eye socket.......**

////....To be continued......
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PostSubject: Re: Dealing With the Shebali of the Mist   Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:54 am

*Ulath’tallar Vilmiathien stabs down into Isandra’s eye socket. Isandra screams and reflexively struggles against the grip of the two Yath’tallaren holding her. After following her eye sockets, she reaches for a spoon and bowl that sit upon the alter behind Isandra’s kneeling, screaming form. Taking the spoon in one hand and the bowl in the other, she scoops out Isandra’s eyes.

After removing the eyes, the Ulath’tallar lets out a cry,

“The dark mist remains!” She places the spoon and the bowl with the bloody eyes back onto the alter, and snatches back up the dagger.

“This Jalil holds with in her the essence of some Heathen deity!! The essence has not yet full taken her as it’s avatar host, for now the entity seems to be contained.

This entity must be destroyed! It is an affront to Lolth, unfortunately, such things are not so easily destroyed. No ordinary weapon can truly slay such an entity; however, the host remains mortal and can be killed. If this jalil is destroyed, this entity which is now contained may roam free to take a more dangerous creature as it’s host. Do to the danger to the security of the city wards, this Jalil shall be kept under guard by Dek’za d’Velven, the mercenary band that works out of Q’os. They will keep a close eye on this jalil until which time we have found a way to destroy the dark entity inside of her.”

Vilmiathien then orders Raye’ken to deliver the jalil to Dek’za straight away.*
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PostSubject: Re: Dealing With the Shebali of the Mist   Mon Apr 13, 2009 1:07 pm

**The Ulathtallar gathered many nobles of Szith to attened her in the circle. Many of note were there, Il'haress Morbb'dalharen and Il'haress Dev'lin, Arachmage Rizzen Morbb'dalharen, Faernen Ray'ken Dev'lin and Vin'del Kor'ali. They were also joined by the Druegar Queen and her own entourage. After some discusion of the Blue Mist, Isandra and the Ilithid Avatar, the Ulathtallar gathers all and takes them to Q'os to see Isandra, for the Archmage had yet to examine her.

Arriving in Q'os took some time for the large group, but upon arrival they were greeted by Travaal of Dek'za d'Velven, with his prisoner, Isandra, who the Ulathtallar had earlier ordered under Dek'za guard, to protect the city wardings.

After some brief conversation, the group proceeds into the Dek'za Guild hall.

Inside the hall, Rizzen examines Isandra. He quickly dicusses her condition with the Ulathtllar. After the Ulathtallar explains the entity with in Isandra, the archmage order's Vindel to begin drawing a warding circle on the floor of the hall around Isandra. The drow gather around the circle and the Faernen as the casting and rites begin.

The Faernen chant and begin casting powerful magics. The Ulathtallar and Il'haressen join in the chant, streangthening the wards and increasing the endurance of the Faernen as they chant with the power of Lolth. Soon the Mist itself seems to slip out of Isandra, but remains held by the wardings. The ruins around the circle glow from the great strain placed upon them, the Faernen begin to sweat.

"Ask what you will, Malla Ulathtallar!", Rizzen exclaimed through clenched teeth, wiping the beading sweat from his brow.

The Ulathtallar approaches and speaks in a demanding tone, with great authority in her voice.

"Identify yourself!!"

The mist mocks her at first, the mages chanting grows louder in a effort to compel an answer. Finally the mist gives answer...

"I am Guanadhar!"

The Ulathtallar sneers.

"LIES!! Devine you may be, but we know who you are...and you are not Guanadhar!!What is your purpose here?"

"To kill the Druegar King", it replys.

"Why?", comes the third and final question.

"Ulathtallar!," Rizzen yells, "We can not hold it an longer!! Flee!!"

The drow around the circle make haste for the door, leaving only Rizzen, Isandra and her Dek'za guard, Travaal with in the hall.

In the aftermath, Rizzen comes down from the hall to join the other and collapses in a heep. Immidiately, the Ulathtallar and the Il'haressen begin two work healing magics to aid the Master of Sorcere.

Isandra walks down from the hall then, the mist no longer in her eyes, but now free to roam the underdark once again.....**

//OOC note:This took place a couple of days ago, sorry for not posting it then. With so many there I thought someone else may have taken it upon themselves to do so. :S
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PostSubject: Re: Dealing With the Shebali of the Mist   

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Dealing With the Shebali of the Mist
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