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 A Sacrifice from House Kor'ali

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A Sacrifice from House Kor'ali Empty
PostSubject: A Sacrifice from House Kor'ali   A Sacrifice from House Kor'ali Icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2008 5:24 pm

A patrol unit of house Kor'ali was moving through the tunnels near the surface when they encountered a small child from the surface. A Girl named Essi. Vorne ordered her patrol to surround the girl as she prepared to capture her. As Vorne drew in on her a group of four adventurers from the surface jumped out of the shadows and attacked. Two younger Kor'ali were killed but Vorne and her guide Febearth defeated the attackers with minimal difficulty. When the group was laid to rest, Vorne revived her fallen soldiers, so as to leave no evidence of who was there. She then grabbed the unconcious child and gave the order to return to Szith.

While on their way back to the city, a second group of much stronger surfacers accosted the patrol. Not wishing to risk her precious cargo, the command was given to drop darkness over the surfacers and flee. The unit quickly followed the command and vanished into the immense shadows of the underdark before the surfacers saw the cargo and before the surfacers could identify them. They moved with a heavy pace until they finally reached Szith. Apon arriving Vorne gathered Aly'Ffyn Morcane and Amenia Mori'hyanda to join her and her house in the temple.

The child was taken to the sacrificial altar in the temple of Lolth, where Vorne lead the cabbal through the ceremony. Vorne followed through with the sacrifice, ending it by bringing the heart of the child to her lips and lavashing in the bloody taste of victory. She then offered glasses of the child's blood to the female's in the cabbal who wished to drink from their fallen foe. Amenia objected heavily, disagreeing with Vorne's methods of consuming the life force of those she sacrifices. Her tone was insubordinate and her words were insulting to the Matron. Vorne was not pleased.

Amenia aside the sacrifice went as planned with no mistakes made and no loose ends.
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A Sacrifice from House Kor'ali
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