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 How to Join House Morbb'dalharen**Please Read**

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PostSubject: How to Join House Morbb'dalharen**Please Read**   Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:14 am

1. House Application Approval – The house application process is really quite simple. Fill out the application and PM it to Vilmiathien. With in 24hrs your application will be posted into a private area of the house form, were only prospective members and current members can review and vote on applications. For a house application to be approved the application must have an a vote for approval on the board, from at least three players
2. Upon application approval, you will be given the rank of house shebali. You will then proceed with a series of three tests.
  1. The Test of Loyalty is the first of the tests of Lolth. During this test your character will partake in a ritual involving a powerful divine detect lie spell to determine your loyalty to Lolth and Morbb’dalharen. NOTE on Non- Lolthian drow: The only way you could IC’ly get away with lying here is with DM support. A quick tell to a DM to ask them if they can let the enacting priestess know that you protected by another god secretly or something or other will do. These typese of characters must also be discussed during the app process so the House knows what it’s getting into.
  2. The Test of Worth is the second test of Lolth. During this test the enacting priestess will take your character to a designated area where your worth will be tested by combat.
  3. The third on final test is your blooding. This is a hunt for a surfacer or heretic, a priestess must be present when the target is killed. The target can be captured and brought before the priestess in offering, but the priestess must assign the test first. You may request your test at any time. Consequences for failure will be IC’ly severe, though you will be given another chance in the future.

With the completion of these tests you will be given rank with in the house by the Il’haress. To climb in rank, you can try to assassinate the drow character above you to claim there position, the higher ranking drow must be notified via OOC tell before hand.
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How to Join House Morbb'dalharen**Please Read**
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