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 Vilmars Bio

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PostSubject: Vilmars Bio   Sun May 24, 2009 4:48 pm

The Young fearn woke up one dark night to see his Master standing before him..
*Vilmar* Vendui Master...Vendui Vilmar..Should dos be training? *Vilmar* Xas Master...
Well before dos leaves, usstan has another lesson for dos...*Vilmar* Xas Master..Usstan
am ready..Get your suplises vilmar..You will need them..Xas Master..*Vilmar walks to his workbench grabing his suplises* Usstan am ready for the lesson..*Ahem* Come see now..
*a few hours latter* Impressive Master..*you see a huge spider* Ofcorse Vilmar..Hes your pet as of this cycle..*vilmar looks shocked* Bel'la dos Master...*nods* ofcorse vilmar..*vilmar begins to leave to head on a journy as he turns around* Master..Xas Vilmar? When will usstan learn the necromanys gift? Once you have learned all there is of a necromany, then you will only have the necromanys gift..*Vilmar walks out of the cave on to an endless journy to the place called szith*
Hmm..Which cave shall usstan take to this new city? *looks around* *ahem* Usstan guess this one..*points to the left cave* Move on pets! The Rock hard spider, huge spider both move down the cave as a scout.. Hmmm..*vilmar looks ahead* Rivvils in the caves? Whats this...A Orc and two Sunelfs stand up ahead..What are dos doing in the caves? *The rivvils looked puzzled* *Ahem* Attack pets! The spiders jumped on the orc takeing him down quikly...*Chants* Vilmar sucks the life right out of the two Sunelfs...He grabds all the loot off the dead bodys...This should last me till usstan reaches szith..He finaly arrives in Szith to run into the IIharess..Vendui IIharess..*the IIharess turns around to see his pets* Vendui Fearn..What is dos standing around for? Usstan am new in Szith and have nau clue were usstan am..*she nods* Ofcorse jaluk! *She gives him directions* Go to the cave and find the zlug *Bugbear* in the cave and bring back his heart jaluk* begone! Xas IIharess..He runs off and beats zlug down to find his loot and rips out his heart....
He returns to szith and the IIharess was gone..*he looks around* Guess usstan shall train till she returns..*to be continued*
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Vilmars Bio
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