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 Akkori Ch. 1

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PostSubject: Akkori Ch. 1   Akkori Ch. 1 Icon_minitimeTue Jun 09, 2009 3:37 pm

\\ The following is basically a continuation of my Biography for Akkori. As time goes on, I will continue to add onto this with short installments. This is number 1 of course. I hope you all enjoy. =)


It has been some time since Akkori’s arrival in Szith. The former first born of the Ra’Nsur Quel’lar has seen his stealth techniques increase exponentially, along with his skill in the use of his dual kukris. The jaluk also found a new home within the walls of Morbb’dalharen, having pledged his life and services to the Ilharess.


Once again Akkori found himself working the point, making sure none would get the jump on his patrol while Siriwyn and Dimios took their rest against a flat rock face. The Drow assassin crouched in wait, taking refuge amongst the flickering shadows that danced along the cavern walls, the result of the many torches lining the barren hallways of this monk’s haven. The orange glow of Akkori’s eyes scanned up and down the hallways, his infravision spotting no serious threats, other than the group of keepers standing their ever vigilant guard, a few hundred meters up the corridor. A rather sadistic grin spread across his lips at the thought of digging his kukri into the flat of their backs, each in turn. Fresh blood still glistened off each of his blades in the dim torchlight, a result of those not so lucky keepers which his patrol had already encountered. A flick of his wrist brushed each kukri against the side of his piwafi, cleaning what lifeblood remained.

Akkori’s ears tilted back slightly, picking up the soft, arcane mutterings of Siriwyn as he prepared his next group of spells, along with the guttural sounds coming from Dimios as he chugged down another tankard of ale. His grin turned into more of a smile as he listened to the two of them, genuine, and rare for him. Akkori had never known true friendship… in fact, he had never known anything even close to the definition. Previous to arriving in Szith, he had lived a life of intense training and pain, with never enough time to spend on relationships of any sort. After extensive traveling with these two, his attitudes had begun to change. As cold as his heart was, there was a piece of it, albeit small, that truly enjoyed the company of his companions. Perhaps he had even begun to trust them.

He sat there, recounting all of which he had experienced since arriving in Szith. The majority of it had hardened him even further, though there were fleeting moments where he truly felt as though he had found his place in the world. For the most part, Akkori had been nothing but successful in all of his endeavors, however he was not about to let that success dull his attitude towards the life that encircled him. Images of a possible future for himself flashed through his mind… the upcoming Quel’lar meeting, a definitive position for himself within the ranks of Morbb’dalharen. So much had happened in…………

“Dalninuk…” Siriwyn’s whisper was muffled as he approached Akkori. “Shall we proceed?”

Akkori tilted his head slightly, his ever present grin widening. “Xas, let us shed some more blood dalninuk.”

(((To be continued…..)))
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Akkori Ch. 1
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