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 Major Rites

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PostSubject: Major Rites   Mon Jun 15, 2009 2:03 am

The drow conduct two types of major rites to Lolth, both of which involve the participation of multiple individuals and blood sacrifice to the goddess.

The first is a religious ceremony, in which drow gather to pay homage to their dark queen. Priestesses lead the ceremony with prayers and chants, normally within a temple of Lolth or before a great altar or idol. At least one sacrifice—normally of a captive or slave, but occasionally of a drow citizen—occurs at this time, blood spilled to feed the Spider Queen.

The second is a contest between priestesses or, more rarely, other powerful drow, designed to prove worthiness in the eyes of Lolth. Most of these events include direct combat and competition, either in melee or spellcasting, but others involve tests of knowledge and ritual, or even the acquisition of specific goals. The winner proves her worth and gains additional magic, higher position in the priesthood, and similar prizes. The losers, assuming they survive, are often demoted, maimed, or transformed by Lolth’s anger into driders or other horrifi c creatures.

The drow conduct major rites to celebrate community wide events and victories, whenever a priestess seeks advancement to a high office, and at regular intervals for no purpose other than the veneration of Lolth.
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Major Rites
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