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 Lolth Tlu Malla!

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///Written by Boneskn, edited by Hades and reposted from Kor'ali forums.

Amil'air entered the great temple of Lloth, head bowed and ever respectful of the Dark Queen and her yathrin... He was pleased to see that Izzgloth was successful, and the succubus spawn has been caught and dragged into the temple to face her punishment. As he entered, the mist of his magical travel dispersing, he sees the rothe attempting to keep a strong facade. "May ussted be told what Ussted did?" with barely a tremor in her voice. A trickle of blood falls from her throat, sign of her harsh transport to the temple.

Vorne Kor'ali, Ilharess of Quellar Kor'ali, stands before the Altar, radiating power. She gazes over the gathering crowd, her voice ringing out harshly."This Cycle of the great Narbondel, we gather in the Temple to pay homage to our Dark Queen of the Demon Web Pits!" Harsh cries answered the Ilharess. "Lloth Tlu Malla!" Echoes throughout the temple, the harsh, fervent voice of Izzgloth Kor'ali distinct above all the others. Standing next to Vorne, the Jabbress Nish'ka Kor'ali smirks at Ivy, the rothe slave. Vorne's hands flicker briefly, unnoticebly to the crowd focused on her face, her words, and her power "Remain close, daughter." "Xas, Ilharess" Nish'ka responds, her leering gaze never leaving the Succubus Spawn chained to the sacrificial altar.

"This spawn of the Abyss has betrayed our people! She was in the service of House Kor'ali for some time, given freedoms beyond other slaves... We caught her consorting with surfacers to plan an assault on Szith itself!" Vorne's Voice rings out through the temple."Treachery!" "Kill her!" "Tan'nar'ri spawn!" Echoes the crowd in chorus.

"As a rothe, she was expected to follow the was of Lloth" Vorne shouts, as her voice continues to ring out, holding the attention of all, the great temple is filling ever more. Noble and Shebali alike crowding its darkness. "She was committing an act of high treason!" Vorne turns slightly to Nish'ka at her side "Nish'ka, remove her clothing. Cut it off if you must!" The rothe hears her words and smirks at Nish'ka "Xas please do" Yet an edge of worry can be seen through her bluster.

Vorne continues through the biplay, "This rothe has betrayed all of us! We offer her now as a gift to Lloth!" she declares as the clothing falls from the Succubus Spawn's body, revealing nothing new to most of the males present. Vorne Faces Ivy with a cold glare. "Our Queen has recently shown disfavor to our city! Why? Because we begged her to rid the city of heretics! Lolth helps only those who help themselves!" The rothe's terror finally breaks lose from her control as she cries out, drowned out by Vorne's powerful words "Xas! That is what ussted did!!" Nish'ka turns to Ivy and violently backhands her across the face "Silence!"

Shouts of praise to Lloth once again echo through the hall, lead by izzgloth Kor'ali "Lloth Tlu Malla!" Vorne's voice is reaching a cresendo "We have found a heretic within our city! We shall help ourselves by removing her! In doing so, may we bring the slightest bit of favor back to our city!" Vorne's voice seems to echo through the temple now, ringing throughout the hall "Lloth Kyorl Dos! Lloth Tlu Malla!" All the hall echoes Vorne's cry "Lloth Tlue malla!" lead by Vilmiathien Mori'hyanda who stands with pride of place in the circle near Vorne. Vilmiathien begins to chant in high drow as Vorne draws an ornate dagger from her belt. The hilt is finely crafted to appear as a spider with its legs extended, sharp tipped claws grasping eagerly. The blade is covered in runes, and dark curses written in high drow scream from it, so as to hurt the eyes even to gaze upon it too long.

The terror of the rothe is uncontrollable now, as she strains against her chains futily, she cries at Nish'ka "Nish! Ussted brought dos back here! Ussted trusted dos!" Tears falling from her eyes. Nish'ka's response is cold, she turns to the ilharess, a gleam in her eye "Kill her slowly, Ilharess, if it please you." Her comment incites the crowd, as they press forward hungrily, awaiting the moment of blood. Vorne looks to Nish'ka and gives her a languid smile as she steps towards Ivy, the dagger held menacingly over her head. Ivy's cries ring out through the Temple "Lloth Tlu malla! Lloth Tlue Malla!" her eyes showing her terror.

Vornes voice drowns out everything, silence descending upon the temple. "Lloth! This gift is yours!" Vorne plunges the dagger down, striking swiftly...And darting the blade to the side, at the last second striking not Ivy, but Nish'ka standing hungrily beside her. The dagger seeking, and finding, her heart! With a laugh of glee Vorne wrenches the dagger free, the spider's legs clawed about Nish'ka's still beating heart. With a flick of her wrist, Vorne tosses the heart into the smoking coals, completing the sacrifice with a spatter of blood. Nish'ka collapses bonelessly to the floor, a look of surprise etched across her face.

Vorne looks down at Nish'ka's corpse, and deliberatly spits upon her in scorn. The rothe Ivy can be seen smirking from her place on the Altar.
Vorne's voice is quieter now, but the ring of command and sure knowledge of success can be heard in it "Yath'tallar, release the rothe"
Vorne turns to the crowd, taking in all present, her eyes seeming to meet each of the yathrin and yath'abban present. "My sisters, Hear my words! This Jalil, this daughter of house Kor'ali, is a heretic! She proclaimed her distaste for the spider queen openly to the rothe behind me!"
Izzgloth's mutters can be barely heard beneath Vorne's voice "Usstan knew it!""

Vorne continues with a smirk across her features "She commented on the unfairness of the treatment of males." Vornes voice changes to a mocking parody "Everyone here is too mean!" Vorne's laughter erupts in harsh peals, the crowd slowly joining in, chuckles circulating through the temple. Vilmiathien catches Vorne's eye and bows respectfully to Vorne, in acknowledgment as the laughter circulates and Vorne waits for a pause. Vilmiathien makes clear to all, her words spreading through the hall "Lloth is pleased by the deception." Vorne takes a step forward, taking back the stage, drawing all's attention back to her in her moment of triumpth.

"Listen well to my words! Kor'ali will NAUT condone heretic actions within Szith! To the extent that I would naut hesitate to sacrifice my own children! Follow by my example, Dalinil of the Faith! Find the Heretics in our city! Bring them to justice no matter who they are! Lloth Tlu Malla!"
Behind Vorne, Ivy bends down to Nish'ka's corpse and licks her face, smirking, as she whispers "Never trust a Tan'nar'ri!"

"Please our goddess! Lloth helps only those who help themselves! Remember this! As for this heretic, she has brought shame to Kor'ali and she has been dealt with." Vorne's eyes dart over the room, taking in all present, a malicious gleam in her stare. "Now you may ask what comes next. We must find all the heretics and bring them to meet Lloth's justice! As Lloth has demanded!"

"Izzgloth, remove this... filth... from Lloth's holy temple. Take her to the Quellar. If the goddess returns her to this realm then see to it that she either converts to the ways of Lloth or banished from our city." Vorne takes one last look around the temple and starts to leave but halts with a smirk. "And let us naut forget to thank this rothe. She came to me with the knowledge of this heretic. Let us all thank the rothe for serving us." Her words are laced with a snear, her intent clear as she "thanks" the rothe. A slave has done what the drow of this city have not. Vilmiathien Mori'hyanda steps forward to exhort the crowd, but the moment of triumph is Vorne's, and the crowd slowly starts to disperse from the temple...

Szith has not regained the favor of Lloth, but this night, Lloth is well pleased with the treachery of her people.
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Lolth Tlu Malla!
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