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 Elisee's Troll hunt

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PostSubject: Elisee's Troll hunt   Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:01 pm

...After days of looking for this place , travelling alone in the surface, exposed to danger every second , this cave seems to be the right had to be the right one. She kept walking invisible, between the ranks of the troll warriors, and the elite guards of her pray. Yes there he was...he couldnt expect what would happen to him next..She almost managed to smile , fighting the poison that was running in her blood,weakening her, because of a trap she stepped on, as she saw the King of the trolls alone..unprotected...

She should be carefull now..She slowly moved behind him , still protected from the invisibility spell and more powerful protections she had cast before she entered the cave. Then she took from her igredient bag a fire opal, ideal for empowering the spell she had in mind..the most powerful she had ever learnt..As words of power came out of her mouth the King turned around in surprise , his bodyguards ran to protect him...but it was too late. Fire burst everything around Elisee, killing everybody in the room, leaving back only the smell of ash and cries of pain.Trolls ran to defend their territory and Elisee smiled, she had no time to enjoy her victory. Through a cloud of darkness she turned invisible again, and slowly walked to the exit of the tunnels.

Once safe she was about touch her Sorcere Insignia, to teleport her self back to the place that was her only home for so much time. But before she did that she opened her magic bag and couldnt but smile widely.. The head of the King of the Trolls was there...Burnt and damaged but there. And she knew a certain jabbuk of the Sorcere that would be very satisfied when she would present it to him. That, and the silent way that she usd to gain it , most certainly would grand her an apprentiship...The way to power she always had dreamt of. Or just the first step. Still thinking of it, she finally touched her insignia and disappeared far away from the burning of the Sun. There were so much left to do.
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Elisee's Troll hunt
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