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 Academy Rules 1.7.1

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PostSubject: Academy Rules 1.7.1   Academy Rules 1.7.1 Icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2008 1:19 pm

The Clergy of Lolth

Lolth's priestesses are the rulers, police forces, judges, juries, and executioners of drow society. They wield power daily, and most do so in a manner in keeping with the cruel and capricious nature of Lolth herself. Priestesses of Lolth strive to act as Lolth wishes and to manipulate (often by brutal force) their fellow drow to do so too. The ultimate aim of every priest is to achieve and keep the Favor of Lolth. The spirits of priestesses who die in her favor are believed to go to the Abyss, where they become yochlol and other servant creatures. Those who die in Lolth's disfavor are thought to pass into torment on another plane somewhere, perhaps to someday return to the Realms as a snake or spider. The duties of a good priestess, then, are to do whatever is necessary to gain and to keep the Spider Queen's favor. Although treachery and cruelty are often rewarded, Lolth does not look kindly on those who let personal grudges and revenge-taking bring defeat or shame to their House, clan, city, or band.

The clergy of Lolth is exlusively female and any male drow who claim to wield spells granted by her are typically killed for heresy. They believe that male drow are their inferiors and go to great lengths to enforce this, leaving the males to live a life that is little more than that of a slave. A male drow who openly shows disrespect towards a priestess is typically killed on sight or very brutally punished.

Female drow who show apptitude for divine spellcraft are sent to the Arach-Tinilith (The Acadamy of Priestesses and city temple of Lolth) where they typically spend close to a century as students, striving to master their craft and go on to please their goddess. They are expected to follow the dogma of Lolth at all times.


Fear is as strong as steel, while love and respect are soft, useless feelings that none can lean on. All drow who do not worship Lolth must be converted or destroyed. All weak and rebellious drow must be weeded out. All who impugn the faith must perish. Males or slaves of other races who act independently of Lolth's dictates (and those of other priests) must be sacrificed to Lolth. Those of the faithful whose loyalty is weak must be eliminated. Children are to be raised as loyal worshipers of Lolth, and each family should produce at least one priestess to serve the Spider Queen better than her parents. Arachnids of all sorts are to be revered, and anyone who mistreats or kills a spider must die.

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PostSubject: Re: Academy Rules 1.7.1   Academy Rules 1.7.1 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 16, 2008 10:21 pm

Ranking With in Arach-Tinilith

The Ulathtallar
The Ulathtallar is the cities high priestess, her job is to guide the Valsharess and the Il'haressen when needed in matters of Lolth and to administrate the rest of Arach Tinilith.

The Il'haressen

The Il'haressen though Yathtallaren, do not have rank with in the temple. They are the heads of the noble houses. The Ulathtalar can issue them orders as if they were Yath'tallaren while they are in her presence, as they are members of the church, however the Il'haressen are in not required to attend Temple meetings, and do not have there houses at the Ulath'tallar's call.

The Qu'ellar Yath'tallaren (House High Priestess)
The house Yath,talaren are the next in church ranking. There is one per Il'haress. The Yath'tallaren manage the individual house temples. The Qu’ellaren Yath'talaren report the house temple activities to the Ulathtallar. A Qu’ellar Yathtallar is a very, very powerful Drow. The dictates of Lolth are delivered via proxy through the Yathtallaren, and these dictates, in the rare cases where it is necessary, can override the orders of the Ilharessen. The Yathtallar is a high priestess of the Goddess Lolth, and her main duty is to ensure that the Will of Lolth has been properly discerned and maintained.

The Yath'tallaren (High Priestesses)[/u]
The Yath'talaren are Arach Tinilith's high priestesses. They aid the Ulathtallar in the training and guidance for the rest of the Yath, unless on duties given to them by there Qu’ellar Yathtallaren or Il’haressen.

The Yathrin

The Yathrin is a priestess of Lolth, committed to upholding the ways of Drow society and religion. Priestesses, through their ceremonies and other activities, assist in teaching the newer members of the House the rules and expectations. Lolth is fickle, and her demands may shift from day to day or even from Yathrin to Yathrin.


Yathrinen are required to bow to the Yathtallar and Ilharess and refer to their superiors by title. The Yathrin should bow to the Yathtallar and Ilharess of allied Drow guilds and accord them the same respect as their own superiors. The Yathrin must obey the orders of the Yathtallar and Ilharess (RL emergencies/obligations are the only acceptable excuse for failing to comply with these orders). The directives of the Yathtallar may supercede the orders of the Ilharess, this decision must be made on a case-by-case basis. The priestesses of Lolth serve the Spider Queen first and foremost, and undertakings pursued in her name take precedence over any orders. Yathrinen are deeply devout, should be intimate with our religion, and must instruct other members of the House. The Yathrin should regularly develop, prepare, and perform ceremonies honoring Lolth, asking for blessings and guidance, and spreading the Faith.

The backbone of Drow society, the priestesses are sometimes among the most demanding to play, but allow for a greater degree of control over much of the House’s internal affairs. The Yathrin must constantly seek to interpret the whims of the Spider Queen and act to fulfill those expectations. Priestesses are also responsible for maintaining order and adherence to the old ways, being constantly alert to the possibility of corruption by heretics, and advancing the worship of Lolth. Yathrinen should make efforts to research and develop the details of the Way of Lolth and document typical ceremonies for future reference. Promising young females, ones with deep religious convictions or advanced skills at spellcraft, are usually recruited into the Yath to join the Yath’abban. Once accepted into the Yath, they may then develop their skills further and ascend to Yathrin, but any female noble can petition the Yathtallar to advance to the station of Yathrin. In both of these cases, a separate quest will be given to prove the candidate’s worth to the Yath, and the candidate will be expected to organize and present a ceremony honoring Lolth before she is titled “Yathrin”.

The Yath'abban

Agents of the temple these are young females who aspire to be Yathrin. They must pass the tests of Lolth in order to be initiated to Yathrin.

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PostSubject: Re: Academy Rules 1.7.1   Academy Rules 1.7.1 Icon_minitimeThu Oct 23, 2008 7:09 pm

Quick add on in lew of current events:

Any Yathrin, Yath'tallar or Il'haress can test a Yath'abban and rank them as Yathrin, so long as the Yath'abban can cast 6th lvl devine spells. Yathrinen should keep in mind however, you will be raising a sister to equal rank as you. In a society where position is everything, this may not be adviseable.
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PostSubject: Re: Academy Rules 1.7.1   Academy Rules 1.7.1 Icon_minitime

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Academy Rules 1.7.1
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