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 Drow Quote's and Sayings

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* "To betray, you must first belong."
* "The best revenge is revenge."
* "Revenge is the sweetest flesh."
* "The only real difference between an ally and an enemy is that one
* deserves a quick death."
* "No woman should marry before she has slain her tenth man."
* "Never lie when the truth is more profitable."
* "Never befriend the oppressed unless you mean to murder the oppressor."
* "Never let your inferiors do you a favor -- it will be extremely costly."
* "Killing orcs is like washing a pig. Turn your back for a second, and the filth is back."
* "No witnesses" is a hallmark.
* "Your friends blade is your enemies blade"
* "All trust is foolish."
* "Do as you are ordered, and live."
* "Lolth be praised; all victory is her doing."
* "Matron Mothers know best."
* "The best knife is the unseen one."
* "The foolish and unwary find waiting death."
* "Darkness is both friend and enemy."
* "What have I told you so many times about attacking people.......... finish the job."
* "Hope is the denial of reality"
* "The best goblin is a dead goblin"
* "The best magic item is a female (male) lover"
* "The traditional is best"
* "The destiny of the Drow is to conquer all"
* "Strength at arms and wariness are survival"
* "Any food may be poison"
* "Trust in your wealth"
* "The best trusted friend is yourself"
* "Hate is a dagger--best when hidden and deadliest when precise."
* "To Walk Apart From House And Queen Is To Walk Into The Grave"
* "Trust No One More Than Yourself"
* "Watch All About, Warily, And The Goddess May Give You The Gift Of Continued Life"
* "Who Knows Better Than The Goddess?"
* "Knowledge From deceit" [Motto]
* "From Victory To An Inn" [Battle Cry]
* "Lust And Profit" [Motto]
* "Light Upon You!" [Curse To Drow]
* "Darkness Take You!" [Curse To Non-Drow]
* "Lloth Guard You"
* "The only way of solving life is death"
* "The quickest way to a man's heart is through his back".
* "Friendship is the mother of betrayal, darkness is the father"
* "He who watches his back meets death from the front"
* "Honor is that which kills one, and flatters another, and neither are wise to do unless prepared to deal with each quickly and quietly."
* "He who does not walk quietly, does not walk for long."
* "Treachery. Deceit. Death. This is the Drow way."
* "More danger, more glory...."
* "Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't there"
* "don't fear the dark...fear what's in it."
* "When you're right, paranoia is just good thinking."
* "Your closest friend is your most dangerous enemy"
* "Fear is the motivation for all, without it nothing would get done"
* "(House name) supreme!!" [Battle Cry]
* "Tired but never weak"
* "Fear the darkness, Yet shun the light"
* "Light leads to hatred, dark to delight. The best of all things, are done in the night."
* "Those who trust often find a blade in their back."
* "Deceit is often only a footfall away"
* "Stupidity should be rewarded with death"
* "Regret is the beclouding of the mind"
* "Only a fool has trust in his friend's blade"
* "The best hidden doors are the most obvious traps..."
* "To the darkness!!" [Battlecry]
* "Those who trust their lives in a drow's hands often find it gone the second you turn your back."
* "Those who Live by the Blade, get killed by those who Live by the Knife."
* "Death is not the end, but the means."
* "Live by your wits, Die by another's...
* "A weak Drow is better off dead."
* "Spill your own blood to honor, spill another's blood to live, spill a Woman's blood to die."
* "If You Ever See A Drow Smile, You Are Already Dead"
* " Pain is a crude way of obtaining obedience, but it is cheap and plentiful."
* "Trust is the key to love... unless betrayal gets in the way"
* "Trust is for the foolish, and the Dead!"
* "If you can see a trap I would recommend you look twice"
* "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies within knife reach."
* "Exploit the trusting and the stupid!"
* "To trust is to seal your fate."
* "Dishonor lasts a lifetime, but death is instant"
* "Never underestimate your enemies, never overestimate your friends."
* "Ambition-if used correctly-will lead to ascension."
* Through destiny and might we shall rule supreme
* I have but one enemy: myself
* The lives of subordinates are coin in your hand: spend them wisely.
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Drow Quote's and Sayings
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