Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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 Nandra wants to help keep the Spider Queen happy...

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Nandra wants to help keep the Spider Queen happy... Empty
PostSubject: Nandra wants to help keep the Spider Queen happy...   Nandra wants to help keep the Spider Queen happy... Icon_minitimeTue Sep 02, 2008 12:54 am

Nandra's Story:

Menzoberranzen is in chaos...a fatal attack by the Matron of house Baenre on Mithral hall has left the city weaken and shaken. With the resulting void in power, the drow houses of the city fought for control. Civil war soon broke out. The city drifted into chaos. Finally, the Dark Queen Lolth herself intervened and declared a cease-fire and put a stop to it.

But much damage had already been done. Most of the rothe, the backbone of the citys economy, had been killed. Famine was feared. Many drow went out to find more rothe for the city...

Nandra Xorlarrin was not one of them though. As a young jalil from the seventh noble house she had just started her classes and training in Arach-Tinilith not long ago. Classes and training at the cities institutes, including Arach-Tinilith, were postponed because of the chaos and civil war. It was not certian when they would resume. Nandra discovered that some from her house had died in the chaos which included her mother Rith. Her father survived though.

But on the last day that classes were held in Arach-Tinilith before they were postponed, some students who did well in thier training were given a letter of recommendation, signed by the head of the academy, for acceptance into Arach -Tinilith academies in other cities, Szith being one of them. Nandra received one of these letters for her good performance. She decided to go to Szith when she was able too.

Nandra went to her house which was damaged somewhat from all the fighting. She found her father and showed him the letter of recommendation from the academy and told him that she was going to Szith. Nandra's father seemed glad to hear this from her and ordered several of the guards from the house to escort Nandra to Szith, as it was a few cycles journey away. After Nandra packed what she could, her and the guards made thier way to Szith. They arrived a few cycles later without incident and went to Szith's center. Nandra overheard someone say that Szith was growing, although it was still much smaller than Menzoberranzen. She said aluve to the jaluken guards that escorted her and went to find some work. She also found some others she could patrol and work on her combat skills with in the areas surrounding Szith and she wondered who she should see about acceptance into the Arach-Tinilith academy...

One cycle while out on patrol with a group, they happened to come across the ilharess from the noble house of Morcane, Drenn Morcane. Nandra did not recognize her at first as an ilharess but bowed and showed her respect as a jabbress. The others in her group were still busy fighting the vermin in the area and did not know or recognize Drenn as an ilharess. The ilharess reprimanded the group but noticed that Nandra did show her respect. Ilharess Drenn reprimanded one young jalil in the group for her impudence. The others in the group quickly realized Drenn as an Ilharess, bowed and showed due respect.

After speaking to the group, Ilharess Drenn gave them some blessing and power from Lolth. Nandra and the group resumed thier patrol. Nandra noticed that the Ilharess seemed pleased with her and one other jalil in the group, for which she was happy about. Nandra thought to herself, "I need to speak to this Ilharess again. Perhaps she could help me to get accepted into the academy here...and more!"


Nandra does want to serve Lolth as a yathrin or higher, but she is also in it for herself too Twisted Evil
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Nandra wants to help keep the Spider Queen happy...
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