Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules Icon_minitimeThu Sep 18, 2008 10:53 am

The Rules
Written by TFR Administrator

Most rules on The Forgotten Realm are common sense to most people, however it is expected that you read the rules (Not reading them is not reason for breaking them.) and if you do not understand anything, please ask a DM. If you are the victim of someone blatantly breaking the rules, DO NOT RETALIATE - please take a screen capture(s) and email them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

(To take a screen capture, press PRINT SCREEN - the images can be found in your ../My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2/ directory)


Metagaming: The act of using Out of Character knowledge for In Character gain is Absolutely Prohibited

* Sending a message to a player not travelling with you ON THE SAME MAP for the purpose of ambush, or resurrection.
* Monitoring the status or location of players not travelling with you for the purpose of rescue, or ambush
* Using any means other than in-character skills or reasoning to determine a players race, class or alignment
* Logging off with one character and immediately return with another to either rescue or exact revenge on another player
* Using characters that would not normally interact to either access a restricted area or retrieve or exchange items

Griefing, Harassing or Repeated Tormenting: Any repeated assault on a character is Absolutely Prohibited

* Repeatedly killing a player is not allowed. If a PvP battle has occurred, neither party may attack the other for 24 hours REAL TIME.
* Pickpocketing a player more than once in a 24 hour period is not allowed. Repeat offenders WILL lose levels.
* Sending offensive or derogatory tells to another player is not allowed. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for OOC insults.

Twinking, Muling, and Sharing Items: It is against the rules to obtain equipment that has not been appropriately earned.

* Dropping items with one character and retrieving them with another is not allowed
* Passing items from one character to a friend, only to have the friend give them to another of your characters is not allowed
* Giving equipment or gold to another player that they either could not have obtained on their own, or did not LEGITIMATELY earn is not allowed
* Selling items to friends for far less than their value is not allowed

Extreme Language, Violence or Adult Situations: TFR is open to players of all ages, please keep your roleplay appropriate.

* If you must curse, please keep it in character and make it creative. Words like F*CK and C*NT only make you look stupid.
* Avoid depictions of extreme violence and gore, and NEVER roleplay rape or sexual assault of any kind.
* Roleplaying consentual sexual or adult acts should be avoided, and NEVER in the Talk or Party Channels. Keep it private or go to a different server.

Farming / Grinding: If you have cleared an area, move on so that others may also explore / hunt there.

* If you complete a dungeon, take the exit. DO NOT go backwards to the top again.
* If others are waiting to access an area, move on and allow them an oppourtunity to hunt there as well.
* Running ahead or sneaking past a group that is in a dungeon is Absolutely Prohibited.
* PvPing a group to take over their hunting spot is also Absolutely Prohibited. Wait your turn.
* Activating numerous spawns to overwelm another group of players is Absolutely Prohibited.

PvP: Player vs Player fighting

* Ask for OOC consent in any case before initiating PvP... (assassinations/attacking in general)
* UNLESS there is logical IC reason. (continuous threatening/picking for fight/etc. Simply being evil is not logical reason.)
* Logical IC reason can be home territory, defending. (svirfnebli-Nyr, Duergar/Drow-Underdark, Others-surface)
* Don't be an arse, you are not only player. (Treat the other players like you'd want to be treated yourself.)
* Raise dead/rez are not mandatory, but good manners. (You must raise dead would you break the rules however)

Naming Character: Character name rules to keep the RP enviroment feeling, although OOC knowledge they still do it.

* NO duplicate names. (On case of 2 exact same names only the first one remains and DMs will not reimburse anything lost that way)
* NO celebrity/known people/other game/area names main character names (Elminster/Britney Spears/Sarevok/washington etc.)
* NO silly names/nicknames (Shadow/nail/onepage/internet/stairs/no name/nameless/Clown/Frog King and so on)
* NO titles. (king/baron/prince/lord/queen and so on)
* In general all we ask is originality.
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General Rules
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