Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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 Promotions to Yathrin

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Death Shard

Death Shard

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Promotions to Yathrin Empty
PostSubject: Promotions to Yathrin   Promotions to Yathrin Icon_minitimeMon Dec 01, 2008 11:17 pm

Based on the hard training of the Yathabban, Ilharess Talice Kor'ali Calls a meeting for promotions. She calls the Yath'abban and jaluks to the Kor'ali temple Where she informs Yath'abban Amithurila Kor'ali and Shriea'dia Kor'ali of their places of ascension. After announcing the news they are told to prepare the Cities Public alter then set out to find appropriate sacrifices. Upon arrival the group met with Ginthrae Mori'hyanda as she finished tying a lover to the alter. He begged and pleaded with Ginthrae said he knew things that would show his worth. Ginthrae upon hearing the news tells him she will spare him for the information. Talice watches with amusement as the jaluk tells her of two heritical drow in the nearby caves. Upon hearing the news of these worthless jalukul, shriae'dia and Amithrulia Kor'ali knew what two do.

After Extracting the information about the heretics, Ginthrae tells her lover he has done well to inform her of this and that she will spare his life. As the Jaluk smiles thinking his precious "Ginnie" has spared him, Ginthrae slams a dagger into his gut Screaming with ecstasy proving her worth with the offering of her lover. Lloth pleased at Ginthrae and speaks to her Yath, she informs the other two yath'abbanen they must find them to complete their rights to Yathrin by the end of the cycle to have her favor, and that Yathrin Ginthrae is to remain with the Il'haress Kor'ali to ready the alter.

Talice waits as Gin prepares the alter for the next sacrifice...after a time Shriae and Amithulia Walk in with a few Kor'ali jalukul dragging a weeping broken down drow and place him on the alter...Talice motions for the elder Yath'abban to complete hers first. After retrieving her borrowed dagger from Ginthrae, Shriae'dia begins. The weeping shebali only cried harder as he realized this was his last moments. Speaking her prayers palming her dagger she cries to Lloth as she Plunges the dagger into the Jaluk... shriae'dia screams the final of her prayer as she cuts the jaluk's still beating heart then burning it in the alter fire..

Ginthrae, finishes the draining of the blood then feeds it to the children of Lloth behind the alter, as the corpse is burned the Qu'el'faeruk Istinid Kor'ali steps in dragging a corpse of a human found near Szith trying to hide.The Human was bound then resurrected. It is decided he will be left for last since Lolth had called for the blood of there heretics, and offering the rivvil first may displease her. As the yath discuss there offerings he begins to realize where he has ended up and is left to watch the two Yath'abbanen leave again for their next sacrifice. In fear for his life the human Squirmed and pleaded causing a smile to form across Talice's dark gray lips as she stared at the helpless rivvil. On the Second return of the yath'abbanen the human watched in horror realizing how the drow work as the yath'abbanen and thier qu'ellar jalukul return with a beat up jaluk weeping as the first though with more bruises and blood Crying, " I didn't mean it!! It was a long time ago!" As the pathetic drow male is strapped to the alter in front of the rivvil, the rivvil watches as Yath'abban Amithrulia Prepares. She approaches the squirming crying jaluk and begins her prayer to lloth.

After she sacrifices him pleading her Love for lloth; the rivvil is thrown onto the alter where he is a second sacrifice to Lloth by Amithrulia and she hacks up the rivvil to pieces and they all feed the remains to the Spiders. Afterwards Talice Reports to Ulath'tallar Vimliethien of the the happenings so they can be recorded.

Lloth answers their prayers that "Ginthrae Mori'hyanda, Shriae'dia Kor'ali, and Amithrulia Kor'ali" have done well as her "Choosen".

((sumed up the end cause i missed the last "two" sacrifices due to having to leave for a bit))
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Death Shard

Death Shard

Posts : 58
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Promotions to Yathrin Empty
PostSubject: Re: Promotions to Yathrin   Promotions to Yathrin Icon_minitimeMon May 11, 2009 10:14 am

Isiolia Kor'ali aproaches Yath'tallar ilharess Talice Kor'ali where the two speak about proper ways to submit jaluks and formations of spells. Talice noticing her power and knowladge had grown Decides That it is time she became full Yath. Talice was told by Lloth of a jaluk that was murdering her children whom trains in the tizzin caves. Talice tells Isiolia about the jaluk, and what hes done upsetting Isiolia . Isiolia Kor'ali Clentches her hilt deeming her next action be done with "extreme predjudice". The two Pray together a prayer of how Lloth Always prevails for llythiiri, And with a look of death in her eye Isiolia bows, bids aluve, and runs off.

Talice in the shadows follows Isiolia quietly along the shadows slowly behind. Isiolia beats her way through the bats and rats with ease entering the tizzin cave, Talices presence unknown. The tizzins group up on Isiolia and are disposed of fast as talice watches. A jaluk is seen in battle with the tizzins ahead of Isiolia putting them down twice as fast. Large as a hook horror surrounded in magic the jaluk beats the tizzins without mercy. Isiolia approaches the twice her size jaluk and asks him if hes killed spiders. The jaluk not submiting laughs and says "ustaan kills anything that attacks ustaan, dos attack ustaan dos dies". Isiolia hearing this decides this is obviously the jaluk and anounces he must pay for his crimes of hericy on Lloth children, pulls her weapon and attacks the obviosly well trained jaluk.

The two exchange blows for a few seconds before its clear that Lloth has heard thier prayer and had granted Isiolia more power as she overcomes the jaluk killing him. As the jaluk takes the killing blow he screams for his heritic male drow god, ending it spurttering blood. Isiolia breathing hard in extacy, with barly a few scratches, kicks the body spitting on it. Talice stepps out of the shadows and congradulates the yath on a Job well done stating that she has done well as Lloths choosen. The two share no pity looking at the dead jaluk heritic as talice states te Ulath'tallar will be Notified of her ascention to Full Yath within arach'tannilith and the Kor'ali Quel'lar.
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Promotions to Yathrin
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