Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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 Project: Serpent Pool

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PostSubject: Project: Serpent Pool   Project: Serpent Pool Icon_minitimeMon Dec 08, 2008 10:30 pm

Many mounths have passed, Rizzen Morcane and a cabal of elder mages have secluded themselves away from the rest of Szith locked away within the Tower of Sorcere spending many cycles experimenting.

Project: Serpent Pool
Experimenting with the lifeforce of serpents and the power of the weave they endever in trying to create a new servent/slave race for the drow... much time has passed.

The first of the test didnt go so well, the cabal were only able to create a sluglike creature without sentient.
Project: Serpent Pool Large_slug
Also someother strange anomalies were created as a side effect...
.Project: Serpent Pool Manimal2
.Project: Serpent Pool Two_headed_snake_by_slug45

On one of these days rizzen was working in the holding tank and a shebali farun named Eclave entered the room and disturbed him, upon beening distracted one of the smaller expermints sliped away unnoticed, floped to the floor and slid away into one the floor drains.

Traping and containing thies serpents from the surface was a danger with its own rewards.
Project: Serpent Pool _42048952_snake-god
Project: Serpent Pool Jacobsnake
Project: Serpent Pool Snake2

Some of the different types of hybrids were the easyest to create...
Project: Serpent Pool Newsnakes
Project: Serpent Pool Snakeman2

The lesser form still didnt have the intellect or sentient that the drow sought.
Many more weeks passed by and the drow augmented the serpents genome
There rate of evolution was unprescidented and extraordinary...
Project: Serpent Pool Naga_transformationjpgrZd63859
Project: Serpent Pool Gorgon

Some became good servents and some became to dangerous even for the cabal to controll...
Project: Serpent Pool Zern-blade-thrall-by-eva-widermann
Project: Serpent Pool 49120
Project: Serpent Pool Yuan-ti-ignan-by-anne-stokes

Others were left unaugmented to blend into human society.
We even created a hybrid to huntdown and battle surface mages..
Project: Serpent Pool Yuan-ti_Mageslayer

Some of the oddities started to worship and talk as if they had there own god, something they called Zehir.
Project: Serpent Pool 50181

There is much more work to be done by the faruns of the Tower, what is to come only time will tell...

//OOC this is a prelude to the upcomming expantion SoZ if you couldnt tell by now, its a detailed story of how the yuan ti end up in Szith created threw drow magic within the Tower of Sorcere to give the drow a new slave/servent race. Most likly the yuan ti will not have a home of there own for sometime so they can use this to intergrate RP wise there yuan ti.

PS: this is just an alternitive for the Yuan ti player witch I want to play as and I personly dont think spawning in Fae would fit in with my char again I stress the point that "this is just an alternitive for the Yuan ti player" this isnt forced on anyone. Were not expecting every Yuan Ti player to follow the RP just the ones that wish too.

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PostSubject: Re: Project: Serpent Pool   Project: Serpent Pool Icon_minitimeMon Dec 29, 2008 2:26 pm

Vindel Morcane is one of the elder faern of Szith working with archmage Rizzen on project Serpent Pool. He was actually excited when Rizzen asked for his help with the project, anticipating each cycle what they could do. Since this was something new for Vindel to participate in he has decided to keep his own journal of how the project was coming along. The following is an excerpt from his journal:

Cycle 92

It has been many cycles now, but after much experimentation, understandable shortcomings and failures among the new creatures and successes along the way, it seems that the new slave creations are close to becoming what we have hoped for. They are now sentient, having some intelligence and cunning. Because of my skill with the enchantment school of spells, Usstan have been using such spells to keep the creatures subdued to us while we continue testing and analyzing them.

We have almost finished achieving the final physical appearance of the new slave creatures. They resemble a cross of rivvil and snakes. As for the creatures of our earlier attempts to create, they are being held in cages away from the more advanced and nearly finished ones. Other uses will be found for them in due time.

So far, we are pleased with the results of our efforts and are glad that there have been no major problems thus far. There is still much study of these creatures yet to do, as well as how to handle them, what we can do to improve them and so on.

Looking at these creatures, Usstan am almost afraid of what we have created. They will need to be handled with care and caution as they could be a threat to us if naut kept subdued.
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Raye'Kan Dev'Lin

Raye'Kan Dev'Lin

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PostSubject: The secret thoughts of the Raye’Kan Dev’Lin the shade, Szith’s Master of Illusion   Project: Serpent Pool Icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2008 2:46 pm

Arch M’elzar Rizzen has called upon the Jabbuken d’Sorciere to assist in his experiments. Uk wishes to create a new race d’rothe for the ilythiiri? Very well, as Jabbuk d’Ssussun lu' Barra, usstan must . . . attend.

Snakes? Of all creatures, snakes? ‘Zil dos quarth. Now, what might usstan add that would compliment this effort. What might serve uns’aa best? Rivvil-snakes of different shapes, nau? Usstan knows something of shifting forms, perhaps that would be most interesting. Xas, xas, offer these ‘rothe’ the gift of glamour, illusion, that they might slip the hands of their hopeful master-creaters and bring them shame. Qu’ellar Morcane has come a bit too dominant in the Sorciere after all . . .

*From the shadows M’elzar Raye’Kan watched Rizzen Morcane working on his experiment. The shade watched from the portal of Shadow glancing through the walls from time to time. Outside the lab, Raye’Kan noticed a young faern walking through the halls, looking from door to door trying to find his way.*

Perfect Raye’Kan thought, the shebali will do nicely

*Raye’Kan concentrated briefly, twisting the weave to his will, forming the spell that changed the look and label for the door. The young faern Eclave fell for the simple missive and opened the door, distracting Rizzen*

*Another brief twist of magic enabled the snake he was holding to slip down the drain, and into a small portal of Shadow. Raye’Kan picked up the snake as it appeared at his feet*

“Vendui lotha rothe cahlind” *the shade smiled*
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Malcolm Chaos

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PostSubject: Re: Project: Serpent Pool   Project: Serpent Pool Icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2009 5:12 am

When the secluded Hazz Mothain heard of the towers summoning he started to ask himself what would be so important to the tower.
Intrigued by this question he started tho travvel towards the city of szith and the tower of sorcere.

On his arrival he heared of project serpent pool, but didnt know at the start how he could aid the masters of sorcere with this project.

Walking true the Failed experiments and abominations the masters left in thier wake his necromantic brain started working.

With help from his father the Mummy lord xzel he started to cut the failures to pieces taking bodypart guts and some randome gore to the fresing cell where he started to build meat puzzels of what he thought the masters where aiming for.

After some sycles he tried out his skills on his first creation.
It failed dramaticly and the rotten form thet stood before him was nothing more then an empty shell of flesh with the interior of the creature spilled all over the cells floor.

After this failure hazz disided he needed some more contemplation and maybe help from some other fearn.

Natha tupora streea zhah ssran ol
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PostSubject: Re: Project: Serpent Pool   Project: Serpent Pool Icon_minitimeFri Mar 20, 2009 10:26 pm

As he wandered about Sorciere after his Necromancy class, Kenakth Kor'ali came across a door he had never noticed before that hid strange hissing noises behind it. As quietly as he could, he slipped into the shadows and crept inside, careful not to disturb a farun he saw working with a surface creature that he knew was called a 'snake'. Looking around, he saw several more cages around him, and no two snakes were alike. Some had 2 arms, some had four. A couple had humanoid heads and some even had humanoid bodies. Grinning evilly he knew what must be happening, and moved around, searching for a snake he thought he could best use. Finding one of a nice pale-grey color with red eyes, he quickly cast a sleep spell on it and placed it in a container, careful not to let the farun in the far corner of the room hear him, and crept out of the room again, back to an unused classroom.

Searching through his spellbook, he found something he wanted to try. Placing the sleeping snake on a desk, he cast a spell to paralyze it so it could not thrash about while he worked. Pulling a small adamantine dagger from his belt, he began to slowly make precise cuts into the snake, chanting a necromantic spell the entire time. Then, a pair of faern entered the room, interupting his concentration and causing him to mis-pronounce a word. In the explosion of negative energy that followed, all of Kenakth's enchantments to protect himself kept him from harm, but the two other students were not so lucky. The snake had disappeared, but one student grew scales over their body, and had fangs, while the other had grown the body of a serpent. Immediately they began to attack Kenakth, but he managed to defeat them both and hold them still with a spell his master, Vin'del, had taught him earlier that day. Grinning evilly to himself, he returned to the experiment room, placing the more serpentine one in a cage, along with a note to ensure he got credit for his creation (carefully avoiding mentioning that there were 2 of them...), and returned to his quarters with the more humanoid of his creations to use as his servant...
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PostSubject: Re: Project: Serpent Pool   Project: Serpent Pool Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 1:08 pm

*Responding to the Head Masters call, Alzar Dev'Lin reports to the tower. Upon learning of the Serpent testing going on, and having no interest in the creation of living beings, Alzar spends his time ordering and over seeing the shebali as they clean up and care for the test subjects. Every now and then testing usless enchantment spells on the failed subjects other Faern are no longer using. One cycle he is playing with one of the Head Masters left over test subjects scheduled for disposal. Slightly bored he begins casting an impromtu altered version of a polymorph spell at the thing. The spell seems to work as there is no arcane backlash or explosion usually associated with his attempts at new spells, but the creature remains unchanged... almost appears to be unaffected at all. Curios Alzar begins casting a few other spells at it. After several attempts he begins to realize that the creature seems to have a resistance to his magic..... He places the test subject back in its cage, informs the shebali and slaves that the creature is to be left alone until the head master can play with him some more. He then heads to the head masters chambers and leaves a message containing the account of what happened with the creature. Afterwards he returns back to the holding cells to burn the other failed test subjects schedualed for disposal*
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PostSubject: Re: Project: Serpent Pool   Project: Serpent Pool Icon_minitime

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Project: Serpent Pool
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