Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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 Vornrak bio

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PostSubject: Vornrak bio   Vornrak bio Icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 12:34 pm

//OOC comment: Name Morcane have been replaced by Morbb'dalharen

In a nut shell

Vornrak Do’ett is the last son of three. His mother died giving birth to him, bringing curse upon his family for a jalil gave her life for a jaluk to live. His older twin brothers however never turned their backs on him and they grew quite found of each other.

He never cared much about fighting the Drow wars, wanting to take care of his growing old father. Both brothers went however to training academy and became proficient fighter. One day they joined with Drow forces as free agents into a raid of the Lunar Temple on the surface, to punish those outcasts. But only a few sargtlinen came back from this fight for the surfacer were well prepared. They however succeeded in attacking the outcasts temple.

Disturbing news came to his ears, as a surviving squire told him his brother were slain on their way back by an angry darthir named Beleg. Lucky was he to make it back alive, for his party were cribbled by hails of arrows. At the sound of these tidings, Vornrak Do’ett tremble a bit, managing somehow to contain his sorrow, which was soon replaced by great anger. He never new he could old so much wrath, and without even thinking as for the pain for unbearable, he grabbed the squire knife and fled. He swore to avenge his brothers and get the life of this darthir.

While enraged, he managed to reach the surface. But being poorly equipped and ill trained, he was quickly spotted by the surfacer guarding the Underdark exit and utterly attacked. His vision went dimmed, his legs failing underneath him. A dark shadows passed by followed by total darkness...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Vornrak past -

The road to find faith had not been an easy one. Vornrak was the 3rd jaluk of his clan whos mother died while giving birth. He was raised away from Yathrin wisdom and education since his father kidnaped him and his 2 older twin brothers, Valduk and Valdran, for the clan Jabbress wanted to enslave them. They lived as outcasted in the Underdark, wandering from cave to cave.

His father although died from a mysterious illness from the bite of a wild cave bat, leaving the trio to survive alone, which they did for a short while. One day, they were ambushed by a band of rogue yingils, lead by a powerfull seer. They were then taken as slave, for they were not strong enough then to overcome such deadly opposition.

They were brought back to settlement and sold to the locals. They were denied to prayers and drow rituals, thus remaining faithless. Their captivity lasted until Vornrak reach young adulthood, which would sound an ethernity for simple rivvil. Not a single day they did not try to escape, paying dearly each subsequent attempts. His twin bothers, being stronger in shape and stamina taking the hits more easily than young Vornrak. They tried to teach him to become Sargtlin, showing him how to handle a blade and buckler (made of wooded sticks and ration plates), which he learned quite well but he had more skill at thievery.

One of they abductor youngling deep gnome was playing tricks on Vornrak all the occasion he could. Hiding in shadows, picking locks and stealing goods. and frame him for it. He was not realising he was teaching Vornrak valuable things.

So one day, the occasion present itself. The recalling are not clear, rather blurry has if of divine intervention. While being dragged around the settlement, they were overtaken by a group of Gnolls. In the midst of the resulting uproar, Vornrak manage to free himself. He then grabs the youngling dagger, slit his throat before cutting his brother bounds. Arrows were flying in any directions, gnomes were falling in numbers, but the projectiles somehow manage to steer away from the 3 brothers. They than ran to take refuge in a deep alcove they had spoted during their captivity.

The alcove was in fact opening to a serie of connecting tunels. Valduk lead them through this stone cut maze, until the felt out of danger.

" Something happened there ! " he sais outload. "Some greater will is guiding us, we shall seize the occasion".

So they resume their running in the ever turning, twisting and branching tunnels. They soon stumble on a drow detatchment patrolling the area. They were stoped and brought to their Yathrin, for no trespasser should have been there. Again they found their hand tied and being force against their will, but it was different, and somehow relieving.

Soon after, they were brought the a Yathrin, whom, after dispatching the patrol, set free the captive brothers. Valduk and Valdran were sent to the Sargtlin school, while Vornrak was assign to a young Shebali to help her while learning new skills.

"I shall teach you to behave as a Drow, jaluk!" she said, obviously annoyed of lack of respect he was showing her.

Vornrak did not quite understand. Being secluded all his life, this partial freedom amoung drow was the best thing that could have happen to him. Somehow he knew this was the way, the path that way drawn for him. So he stood there, staring at the shabali right in the eyes, before he got slammed in the head!

And all went dark....

Faith is an ever winding road…

Vornrak has been for the service of Shebali Salena for only a few months when he eared news from his siblings. Their prowess in fighting had been noticed and they were recruited by a Morbb’dalharen Jabbress. But before they were accepted into that house, they had to pass the induction ritual, to prove they were worthy. For that they were appointed the task of joining a strike force against Lunar Temple, a place on the surface where Lolth betrayers dwell. So they left uneasy but proud to show themselves to Lolth.

One, two, three weeks had passed since the announcement of the raid against Eilastraee followers. A rothe, squire of House Morbb’dalharen, came to knocking at Selena quarters.
“ I have been told a certain Vornrak Do’ett resides here “ he asked when Vornrak himself answer the door knock. “ I have urgent matters for him “.
“Ussta uil “ Vornrak answerd readily.
Then the squire, reached for a large backpack and present it to him.
“This is what remains of your sibling’s jaluken” said he uneasy while bowing low.
“We were ambushed on the surface and I am the only survivor. I must have been spared by your deity Lolth for I was sure my end had come. A surfacer ranger it seems slain your two brother before they had time to realize what was happening. I tough I have heard his name was Beleg, but my ears may have deceived me. I also saw, I think, the shadows of a large animal with the darthiir. I manage to outrun the beast, and somehow no arrows came on me!”
He gave the bag to Vornrak and bolted in the darkness of the Underdark.
The news was very disturbing for Vornrak. He swiftly open the bag and go through its content: A Blackgard armor, 1 dagger, 1 darksteel short sword, potion of strength, invisibility and health. Only if these potions could have helped!
Anger raise rapidly in him. Why would this goddess Lolth saved them all from the wilddog Gnolls to feed them to a darthiir. Weren’t they on mission for her? No waiting anylonger, he went to Salena to ask permission to leave.
“Dos too valuable for me Jaluk, you are ill prepared for what you seek, I refuse. Dos had to ask permission to open that door as well”, said she while whipping him with her flail she was carrying solely for this purpose : Educate this jaluk.
Anger changed into rage! Without thinking he charged her and knock her unconscious, grabbed her flail and the bag that was given to him.
And he ran, he ran like he never ran before. He knew the way to the surface was difficult but he was blinded by the desire to find this darthiir and make him pay dearly for what he did.
He drank a potion of invisibility to avoid being spotted by foes that would slow his ascension. After managing the numerous tunnels and caves, finally he saw a faint light at the end of a strech cut in the rock.
“The surface” he mutters to himself. “You will be avenged my dear brothers”
He steps out of the cave. He was overwhelmed by the clean fresh air. Although it was what surfacer called “night” on the surface, it seem to Vornrak thousand of candles have been lit! And that foul circle of light hanging at the ceiling of this ever ending cavern!
Vornrak, dazed by all this, loss his balance and rolled in a soft and humid rug that was layout all around. It took some time for him to get accustomed to such luminescence. He wondered how could these surfacers live in such disturbing environment.

He got up and regain his balance. But the effect of his potion was fading fast. Soon he heard the sound of dozen of bow strings. He barely felt his body being skewer by a wave of piercing arrows. All started to get dark again, the kind of darkness he was so accustom to… Before all went utterly black, a tall shadow rose, grabbed him and pulled him back to the cave he had erupted a few minutes earlier.
He woke up later, sored and bandaged. His wounds have been mended. A note lying on his gear.

" Usstan o'goth dos whol dos zhahen elggor. Dos zhahen ushdui bauth vharcan, bauth biu darthirii Beleg.

Usstan kyorl dos phuul naut quin kr'athin whol nindol juss'a. Jhal Usstan shlu'ta filut wun dos zhennu klezn del morfelith dos gareth z'lonzic ulu xun ol.

Lac doeb QU'ELLAR del Morbb’dalharen, whol nind gumash belbau dos fol xxizz

K " **

The remaining of the signature is plainly unreadable for the letter seems to have been written in haste.

Faith found him again…

** Translation **

I stopped the bleeding and mended your wounds for you nearly died. You were delirious about getting revenge and finding an "elfe surfacer" named Beleg. I clearly see you are not yet fit for this quest. But I can sense in you great qualities capable of making you strong enough to fulfill your endeavor. Seek out members of Morbb’dalharen's House, for they could give you some help.


Vornrak joining Quellar

//OOC comment: Name Morcane have been replaced by Morbb'dalharen

Vornrak reaches the city of Szith and head forward to the house of Morbb’dalharen to find the main door locked. He draw a piece of parchment out his bag and scribble a few words. The parchment looks wrinkled and torn as if being often read. You can read words written on the other side.
Quote :

To this house Ilharess.

Oh mighty and wise ruler, I have found my way through the caves and reached your settlement to find the main door locked. I here pledge for membership to your house. I received this note from a person who remains unknown to me at this time. I have met this Qu'el'faeruk Rizzen on my way for he is the only Morbb’dalharen’s I found. He was however busy with other errand with another mage called Moriand so he had little time, only to show me the way.

I am a resourceful jaluk who offers his services to your house. I possess skills in sneaking and hiding so I think I could be an asset to your community. I seek to gain better training and rise in power so I can retaliate to the one that killed my two brothers.

Since I have yet no settle place, dos shall find ussa hidden in the caves nearby. Say the word so I recognize you’re summoning me.

With my deep respect Oh Mighty one!

Vornrak Do’ett
Aka the houseless

And he sticks the note to the front door and sneaks back in the shadows…

Many cycle passed.

Upon his return from an exhausting patrol, Vornrak, still holding this his letter, reaches Szith.

He meets whith Jabbress Chantecaille and Ashantree (or something like it) . After usual greetings and due respect exchanged, he shows the letter to Chantecaille.

" Humm. Interesting jaluk. I have not seen Yathrin Elvanshalee lately, but I may help you with this. Wait here while I go gather someone to process dosst request". And she walks toward the noble residences.

By the time he had to talk (so little) to Ashantree, Chantecaille was back, with a something silver glithering in hand.

" I have discussed with one of our Ilhares consilour " she said. " Your letter is legitimate and she has agreed to accept dos in Morbb’dalharen House. You shall change your name at once, and keep this with you at all time. Loose this Jaluk and I will personnaly slit your throat ! " she said giving Vornrak a silver colored key.

" This will grant you access to Morbb’dalharen House, use it well, use it wisely".

Vornrak reach in his backpack to get a silver chain on which he carefully attache the key. He then pass it around his neck and fit it behind his leather armor.

"This way it will be kept safe, mighty Jabbress!"

"Good Jaluk. Keep it near your heart for if it not found there, the blade of my knife will have no difficulty tear it appart. Now come, you have much training to do and I may use your service on this patrol". And she walks away, giving a head sign to Ashantree to follow as well.
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Vornrak bio
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