Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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 Siriwyn's Bio

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PostSubject: Siriwyn''s Bio   Siriwyn's Bio Icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2009 5:40 pm

Siriwyn Xilodel comes from the underdark citiy of Sshamath which is unique among drow cities: a city ruled by wizards, where the priestesses of Lolth are shunted into lesser roles. Once a traditional city of the Spider Queen ruled by matron mothers in accordance with the Way of Lolth, Sshamath evolved into the preeminent market in all of Faerūn for enchanted artifacts, spell tomes, and other magical workings. Despite tales of artifacts and relics piled high to be sold for a relative penance, only an elite roster of surface-dwelling wizards or merchants even knows of Sshamath's general location deep beneath the Far Hills some thirty miles south of Darkhold. Even fewer have wandered amid the stalls of the fabled Dark Weavings Bazaar.
Sshamath is inhabited primarily by drow and their slaves (dwarves, goblins, orcs, magical constructs, and extraplanar summoned creatures).

The defining event in Sshamath's history was the collapse of its most precious resource: the Underdark radiation known as faerzress. Localized appearances and disappearances of faerzress are not unheard of. These unexplained fluctuations typically mean the collapse of nearby drow city-states or the establishment of new ones, as the dark elves migrate to new sources of the radiation. By -2872 DR, five years after the problem was initially detected, Sshamath's defenders were bereft of drow magic. The city was on the brink of anarchy.

Yet fate had already twisted Sshamath's future. In the three centuries before the faerzress collapse, Sshamath's matron mothers gave birth to an unusually large number of males. This imbalance led to the sizable expansion of the city's corps of skilled wizards and a decrease in the number of Lolth priestesses. Coupled with it's relative geographic isolation from hostile rivals, the abundance of wizards left Sshamath uniquely positioned to survive.
As the scope of the disaster became apparent, Sshamath's wizards initiated wave after wave of expeditions to plunder Netheril, Oghrann, and other lost realms. Lesser mages repaired or duplicated every artifact acquired, and more senior sorcerers delved into research and fabrication, initiating a burst of creative output that led to countless new magical creations and incantations. After a time, the balance of power shifted completely as the events led to a quick, bloody civil war that left all the House Matriarchs dead and the House Wizards in control.
As time continued to pass, the wizards' influence on society ushered schools of magic into prominence and the House system into irrelevance. Sshamath's Houses still exist today, but a drow's House is no more meaningful than his tailor -- perhaps noteworthy, but essentially unimportant.

Sshamath is ruled by the Conclave of Sshamath, an oligarchy composed of masters of the ten recognized schools of wizardry. The Conclave convenes only to debate issues that do not clearly fall within one individual master's area and to resolve disputes between schools of wizardry that cannot be resolved privately.Except in rare times of danger to the whole city, Sshamath's ruling council is a roiling mosaic of alliances. As a result, the day-to-day governance of the city is left to the absolute authority of the individual masters, according to his or her school's acknowledged spheres of influence. As one might expect, the various schools are thus engaged in a subtle, ongoing struggle to extend the authority of their representatives on the Conclave of Sshamath. For example, while interment of the dead and the healing of the injured clearly fall within the purview of the master of Necromancy, control of the sale of body parts for material components is contested by most schools.

Bards, sorcerers, and the practioners of divine magic are also considered to be of second-class status, though drow of these classes may be actual citizens within the City of Dark Weavings all the same. The dark elves of Sshamath view power that occurs naturally or because of service to another creature as inferior to power won through personal achievement.

And it is here, where Siriwyn was as competent a mage as most others in the city, that he was packing his things to move away for good. Siriwyn was a Generalist in his studies and practice of the arcane instead of a Specialist like a number of his collegues were. During his years of teaching Generalist study and practice, he had many debates with those who were Specialists. Then one cycle, due to a conspiracy and politics of certian Specialists who grew to hate him, Siriwyn was ousted from his position of teaching. Another teacher was appointed in his place. Siriwyn met with his superiors who told him why he was ousted from his position. It was then Siriwyn knew that certian Specialists conspired to get rid of him and fabricatred various complaints and lies about him...

But his former superiors would not hear of anything of what Siriwyn had to say in defense of himself. Another teacher had been appointed in his place and it soon became clear that there was nothing he could do about it (at least not without getting into more trouble). He then pondered what he should do and decided that he would move away from Sshamath and go to another city in the underdark. Siriwyn used his scrying pool and peered into it to see different places that he could possibly move to. He saw the city of Szith among other places and decided to read up on what information he had about this smaller city. He heard and read that Szith was a standard Lolth-worshipping city, with the clergy of Lolth ruling it and not allowing the worship of any other gods, but that it also had an academy of Sorcere which was well known, even in Shamath. After some more reading about Szith and its Sorcere academy, he made up his mind to pack his things and go there.

The journey to Szith by foot was a long and dangerous one though. So Siriwyn decided it was best to scry where Szith is and teleport there, or at least as close to it as possible. Although he could scry Szith's location, he was not able to teleport there...just yet. The mages in Sshamath who knew how to teleport were few and exclusive, keeping thier knowledge of teleportation to themselves and few others, of which Siriwyn was not one of them. So he went out to hire the best rogue with stealth skills that he could afford with his remaining but dwindling amount of gold. He paid the rogue a large sum of gold up front and offered more of what he could afford later after he acquired what he wanted.
The rogue succesfully stealthed into the quarters of a certian high ranked mage in the city and made off with the scrolls and components Siriwyn described to him in no uncertian terms. After coming back to Siriwyn, the rogue showed him the items and scroll needed for the teleportation spell. Siriwyn examined them, nodded in aproval to the rogue, paid him the remainder of his gold and the rogue went his way. Siriwyn got his things together, then studied and worked on the teleportation spell. He learned that the spell would only teleport him and only the things he has on his person; nothing nothing apart from his person or unattached could go. He grumbled about that and made a large pack, then looked over all his belongings to decide what he should take and what should stay. After doing that, he studied the verbal and somatic components of the teleportation spell to make sure he was correct. He then went to the window of his residence and took one last look at the city. He then went to his small scrying pool, re-checked the location of Szith, focused on an area just outside of it, then put his pack on, cast a few protective spells on himself, read and followed the spells directions, then disappeared...

When he re-appeared he looked at himself, then at his surroundings. He saw that he was in a cave infested with rats and bats, hearing them in the distance and the sound of them getting closer. He breathed a sigh of relief that he still had the few protective spells he had cast on him before porting there, pulled his sword out and made his way through the cave killing rats and bats. After wandering around for some time, he found an exit. He went through it and looked around. He saw that he appeared to be in what looked like a residential district. Of Szith, Siriwyn hoped. He walked down the hill to a merchant near the massage parlor and asked him if this was Szith. The merchant said "Xas" then asked some questions about the city, who the rulers were and where the Sorcere academy was. Siriwyn then went to Sorcere, spoke to one of the masters there about himself and who he was. To his chagrin, Siriwyn had to resgister as a student there before he could hope to become a teacher or some other higher position, but he figured he could move up through the ranks quickly enough and smirked to himself. He received his schedule for the required classes, then left Sorcere to the residential district and rented one of the apartments there and thought about all the possibilities for him here....

(The above info about Sshamath comes from the Forgotten Realm Wiki and another drow website)
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Siriwyn's Bio
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