Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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 Akkori's Bio

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PostSubject: Akkori''s Bio   Akkori's Bio Icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2009 8:04 am

<< Figured I'd post this in the right forum =p >>

<< Over the weeks and months, I will be continuing to add onto this bio/storyline... The additions will either be posted here, or in the Szith Center forum >>

His journey from The City of Shimmering Webs, Ched Nasad, was far from simplistic – rather, it had become a veritable pantheon of pain and mental anguish with each step in passing. As the dim glow of Szith shimmered into view, the undeniable tenseness he carried with him faded, if only for a few seconds. After the moments pause, he set to motion once more, tugging down the cowl of his piwafi in an attempt to obscure his features. His hope was to find some measure of peace in this city, at least for the time being – that being said, he was not about to take any chances.


Akkori’s story is not so uncommon in that of Drow Society -- The first-born son of a ruling house, thrown into the fray of this dark world from the moment he drew breath. He was trained at the melee school having little talent, nor patience for the arcane, however in moments of solitude, he found a passion for the arts of subterfuge.

From male standards he was given everything he needed, however, the darkness in his heart was never truly sated by the martial lessons he was learning. During free moments, away from the school, away from the cold visage of his mother, he would pick marks out of Ched Nasad’s roving, Drow masses, and tail them, practicing his stealth techniques. Over the weeks and months, this became more of a habit than a passing hobby. In time, he went from the simple practice of tailing and observing these unsuspecting Drow, to breaking into their homes for nothing more than the sheer thrill of doing so. On more than a few occasions, he found himself in some places that he truly ought not be -- much to his chagrin.

Unfortunately, this practice of Akkori’s did not go unnoticed by his mother, Izta’Liria, The Matron Mother of House Ra’Nsuer. Her wrath rained down viciously upon learning of her first-born son’s actions -- especially that of his foray into another of Ched Nasad’s ruling houses. For three days Akkori was beaten…. A practice he was well acquainted with at this point of his life.

When his punishment was at its end, Akkori was brought before his mother, bloodied and torn. While Izta’Liria was far from happy with his actions, she was impressed. Her son was able to break into the third largest house in the city of Ched Nasad, no small task by any means. Following some harsh words, the doors behind Akkori swung wide to reveal Drez’lic Zenteria, leader of Llieh Kerath (perfect carnage) – the assassins of House Ra’Nsuer. Akkori was informed that he would now be training with Drez’lic and was then dismissed by his mother, in the same, nonchalant manor in which his punishment had initially been ordered.

For ten years Akkori trained alongside Drez’lic, mirroring everything the assassin taught. As with most Drow, killing came easy to Akkori. During training exercises, Drez’lic would place armed, Drow prisoners into their training area, what Llieh Kerath
lovingly referred to as “The Maze”. Akkori had no problem drawing his dagger across the tender flesh of their necks or plunging it deep beneath the rib-cage to pierce their hearts. Killing… Murder had become second nature to him during the time he spent training with Drez’lic, even more-so than it had been before.

Akkori was enjoying this sadistic life. For some reason…. It seemed to fit. His mother approved of his progress and he was no longer forced into attending the melee school or any of the other academies within the city. Everything seemed as though it was falling into place for the son of house Ra’Nsuer.

As it goes within Drow culture, whenever life seems as though it is nearing perfection, there is always an undercurrent of deceit and impending doom, ready to tear said perfection asunder. This natural undercurrent reared its head a thousand times during the reign of House Ra’Nsuer as Ched Nasad’s second in power, however Izta’Liria was always a step ahead of those in the process of painting a proverbial target on her chest. For whatever reason, the most recent coup was one which the Matron Mother did not see coming.

Houses Dre’Talin and Mordenzal, the third and fourth of Ched Nasad had long kept that of Ra’Nsuer in their sights. After a thousand years they set differences aside and moved in on Izta’Liria together.

The attack came without warning. How Dre’Talin and Mordenzal were able to breach the house so easily is perhaps a question to be answered later – regardless, the battle was swift and vicious. Akkori barely escaped with his life. From what he saw, none of his family remains.


After months of roving the complex tunnels of the Underdark, Akkori finally made his approach to Szith, bloodied, drained, and lucky to be breathing. His old way of life has crumbled beneath his feet. Now he looks towards the future, and starting anew within this city of Drow.
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Akkori's Bio
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