Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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 Grillith's bio

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PostSubject: Grillith''s bio   Grillith's bio Icon_minitimeTue May 19, 2009 1:17 pm

Born as a son of house Do’Grath, Grillith grew up in a city at the edge of the drow realm.
Living in this frontier city mend that their patrols often came in contact with the dwarves mining the region.
To prove his worth to serve the house as a noble son his mother ordered him to go out and kill a hundred dwarves or die trying.

So after finishing his training at Melee Maghtere and the teachings in the way of Lolth,he packed his stuff and set out.

Due to this quest grillith lived in the tunnels stalking dwarven mining expeditions and even found himself close to the surface on more then one occasion.
At one of these occasions he slaughtered a human trading group witch crossed his path. On the mutilated bodie of one of the humans he found a weapon that fascinated him due to the razor sharp edge and the perfect balance in his hands.
From that day on he swore that there would be no other weapon that would ever touch his hands (except for his small poison tipped crossbow),so from this day on the katana was the trademark of Grillith Do’Grath.

Then came the day he killed his last dwarve and could return home to attain his place in the house.

On his return to the city he found his house filled with the bodies of his kin.
All contorted in strange postures and with blank stares.
He found out that the well that provided the water to their house had turned into a green slush.
After seeing this horrid seen and the thought that he was the sole survivor he left the city once again this time not to return.

But still with revenge in his his mind because his goal of being a true Do Grath wasn't fulfilled he went back to his former hunting ground's.

The demise of his house he thought was an act of dwarves, so with mory battle rage then ever he patrolled the tunnels in a killing frenzy.
The dwarves took note of this lone kin killing drow and formed a better defencive line around thier mining grounds.
Whit the dwarven forces getting stronger he disided it was time to leave the tunnels and look for his own kin to start a new live.

Going deeper into the underdark he came at the city of Szith where he patrolled for several years.
This is where Moriand and Rizzin first met him.
After seeing him in action on several patrols they showed him to their Ilharess.
Witch saw his battle prowess and decided that he was worthy to join her house.

From that day on I came to be known as Grillith Morcane.
I carry this name with pride and will fight for the greater glory of Lolth and house Morcane until the day I die.

Dro ulu elg lueth elg ulu dro

Grillith Morcane

(dwarves beware I hate them more then anything else alive)

During his cycles fighting for Morcane his battle prowes grew.
His skills with the katana where noticed with respect by the jaluken of the house.
Who liked to have it near during patrolls and explorations of the tunnels further from the city.
After haven proven his worth to even the Quel faruk, the yathrinnen of the house expected him to join thier battles.
Especialy yathrin Saya found in him a devoted shield and guardian.He even wanted to offer himself to lolth when she was shown to them.

Being respected by the yatthrinen woke the intrest of the illharess who offered him the position of Quel saruk wich he gladly exepted (Now his quest of being a hy ranked jaluk in a noble house was fullfilled at last, starting when he left house Do grath to prove his worth and ending at the day he became Quell saruk)
Filled with pride he promised himself to train hard to attain this position and serve the house wichever path it would take.

dro whol l'qu'ellar, elgg whol l'qu'ellar, el whol l'qu'ellar

Due to inner house warfair in szith Grillith kept word and followed his Illhares into a house merger
and hence on he became known as

Grillith Morbb'dalharen
Ol zhah Lolth usstan treemma, ol zhah Lolth usstan khaless, ol zhah Lolth usstan flohlu Jal Vin'ult Lolth
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Grillith's bio
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