Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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 Drow Ranks in Szith

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PostSubject: Drow Ranks in Szith   Drow Ranks in Szith Icon_minitimeMon Jun 15, 2009 8:35 pm

Drow Status and Standing

Since drow place value and importance based on their standing and position within their societies, I thought it might be helpful to set out a basic hierarchy of “who is above whom.” This is, of course, not a ‘set in stone’ ranking system, but a general guide as to what one can and should expected

All of the people in each rank listed are on equal terms as far as “who is above whom” in regards to the various members of their specific rank. There are some distinctions of grey within those ranking based on such things as House Order and Profession (1st house as apposed to 2nd house, priestess as a opposed to warrior etc) but in overall considerations, we are talking about gains of salt here in a small city such as Szith.

Additionally, each rank is dependant upon it’s fellow members for the maintenance of her standing. Example; An Ilharess needs to be seen having a ‘good standing’ with Lolth, which is established by the Ulathtallar who can declare that the specific Ilharess is, or is not in “good standing.” But, the Ulathtaller, who is effectively houseless, needs the support of the Ilharessen in order to enforce her will upon the city. Add the Valsharess into this, as well as the layers of ranking below, and the web of interdependence becomes even more tangled.

DROW SOCIETY RANKS ---------------------------------

Rank A (or the top of the food chain) – females only
The Arch High Priestess of Szith – Ulathtallar
The City’s War Queen – Valsharess (who runs the secret police in Szith)
The Marton Mothers of the Noble Houses – Ilharessen (house guild leaders)

Rank B – females only
The High Priestess of Szith – Yathtallar
The Arch Shadow Mistress of the VDVM (drow secret police/assassins) – Ul’Vedriss

Rank C – females only
Full Priestess of Lolth – Yathrin (as tested, accepted and confirmed by the Ulathtallar – no just picking a cleric class and pronouncing yourself ‘yathrin’ at 1s level)

Rank D – female only
Student Priestess of Lolth (divine spell casters) – Yath’abban
Direct Servants of the Church (temple agent, non caster, non divine) – Yath’abban

Rank E – male only
The Archmage of the Sorcere – Ul’faeruk d’Sorcere (highest possible male position)

Rank F – male and female
The Masters of the Sorcere – Jabbuk M’elzar d’Necromancy, etc
The Agents of the VDVM – Veldriss (female) Veldurk (male)

Rank G – male only
The Warlord of the Melee-Magthere – Ul’Saruk
(keep in mind that all drow, male and female, noble and common, go to his school for a least a few years as part of their training – though ‘lower ranked’ extremely influential – after all, many do not live through their classes, if you get my hint)

Rank H – male and female
The Drow Nobles of Szith – C’rintri
(further break down of internal house ranking, as well as what it is to qualify as noble – which may not have anything to do with actual parentage - below)

Rank I – male and female
The Commoner Drow – Shebali
(those drow who are not noble, or are not in service to a noble house)

Rank J – male and female
Drows who are slaves – Rothe
(even a drow who is a slave is worth more than a non drow)

Rank K – male and female
All other races who are slaves – Rothe
(slaves possess value due to their association with a specific house)

Rank L – male and female
All races and creatures who are not drow (including half breeds, dragons etc)

DROW HOUSE RANKS ----------------------------

Rank #1 – female only
Matron Mother – Ilharess (guild leader)

Rank #2 – female only
First Daughter – Ust’dalharil (second in command, guild officer)
(normally a Yathrin, confirmed by the Ulathtallar, but not necessarily of direct blood relation to the Marton – the Ilharess can appoint anyone she thinks is powerful enough within her house to be her second)

Rank #3 – male and female
(this is the actual nobility of the house – normally a small number of people)
Second Daughter – Drada’dalharil (guild officer)
First Son – Drada’dalharuk (guild officer)
Second Son – Drada’dalharuk (guild officer)
(children born third in line are usually sacrificed to Lolth at birth)

Rank #4
House Wizard – Qu’el’fearuk
House Weapons Master – Qu’el’saruk
House Assassin – Qu’el’velguk

Rank #5
All other members of the house

Rank #6
All slaves of the house
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Drow Ranks in Szith
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