Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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 Another Example...

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PostSubject: Another Example...   Another Example... Icon_minitimeTue Jul 21, 2009 3:08 pm

(*somewhat loosely* based on in game events Razz)

Ilharess Nandra Morbb'dalharen walked into Szith center last cycle and saw Ilharess Neph'thys DevLin and a couple of drow guards and a tall jaluk figure near the portal. Nandra walks over to them, greets Neph'thys, and notices the tall jaluk. They tell Nandra that this tall jaluk is not even a full ilythiiri, but a half-breed and were in the process of interrogating him as to what he was doing in Qos. Ilharess Nandra was told that this jaluk was captured in Qos after being driven out of a nearby underdark cave. The Ilharessen Nandra and Neph'thys seem to agree at first to continue interrogating and torturing the jaluk, then finally sacrificing him to Lolth.

As the jaluk was being interrogated an tortured, Ilharess Nandra remembered how the the assasin Nawen Morbb'dalharen and Irrtana Morbb'dalharen came to her to report of thier incident with a lone but powerful darthiir named Arolan....with some reluctance, Nawen and Irrtana told Ilharess Nandra how this single darthiir nearly killed them in the tavern in Qos. They told Nandra that after being nearly killed, this darthiir bandaged thier wounds and said to them "I will spare you this time! Let your wounds be an example to the drow that they drow will not have Qos and will not rule here!". The darthiir then told Nawen, who was limping from her wounds and not able to fight, that she had better leave now but continued speaking to Irrtana. Nawen asked the darthiir what he wanted with Irrtana and the darthiir told her "None of your business!" and he threatened Nawen again to leave. So Nawen, knowing that she could not fight at that time because of her wounds, went back to Szith and reported this to Ilharess Nandra, then went to the temple in Szith to see the yathrinen there for healing. Nawen did not know what became of Irrtana after she left Qos....

As the ilharessen were interrogating the half ilythiiri jaluk, Irrtana Morbb'dalharen appeared out of the darkness. When Nandra noticed her, she said to Irrtana "Vendui, Irrtana! Dos shall help us with the interrogation of this half breed jaluk!" Irrtana quickly greeted Nandra and obeyed. But as they continued thier interrogation of him, Nandra remembered the incident in Qos Nawen and Irrtana had and said to Ilharess Neph'thys "Wait! We will not sacrifice this half breed jaluk to our Queen! We shall make this one an example in return to the surfacers that go to Qos, that the illythiiri are not so easily threatened! Instead, lets take this fool back to Qos, finish with him there, and then kill him!" Ilharess Nepth'thys liked the idea and agreed, as did Irrtana, who had the unenviable job of dragging the jaluk's bound, beaten and weakened body.

After they arrived in Qos, they took the jaluk's body to the door of the tavern there. Ilharess Neph'thys and Irrtana used two daggers to pin the half-breed jaluk's body to the door; he was still alive, but barely concious. Before they finally killed the jaluk, Ilharess Nandra approached him as he was pinned to the tavern door and with her ceremonial dagger, she carefully scratched an "N" on one of the jaluk's cheeks, then Ilharess Neph'thys gave the jaluk his final blow and he died there, pinned to the tavern door.

The Ilharessen grinned with sadistic satisfaction and said to each other "If any surfacers wish to find and rescue this one, they will find him here and can raise him from the dead....if they can!" Some other ilythiiri who were out patrolling happened to be Qos and saw this greeted the Ilharessen and asked them about this and they were told what this was about. The ilharessen then made thier way back to Szith and everybody else went thier way....
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Another Example...
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