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Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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 The Journal of Yath'tallar Vilmiathien Morbb'dalharen

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PostSubject: The Journal of Yath'tallar Vilmiathien Morbb'dalharen   The Journal of Yath'tallar Vilmiathien Morbb'dalharen Icon_minitimeMon Mar 01, 2010 12:20 pm

Note: These are posts copied from the old Mori'hyanda boards which will be brought down at the end of March '10. Wanted to save them, they are by no means current. Vilm is no longer Ulathtallar, but this is a look at her past.

Entry 1: Ched Nesed

The day has come at last, today I shall be given my blooding rite and after the ceremonies I will at last be Yathrin. The Queen is still silent, but no drow wishes to chance her wrath, so rituals are carried out as normal. Several noble houses have shown interest in me as well, perhaps I shall have a chance to ascend the noble ranks as well...I feel the excitement of the hunt growing to a frenzy with in me. The Darkmother only requires one kill, but I feel as though I could kill several. The blood lust is already filling me, I....there is something going on outside...*entry ends here with a smudge*

Entry 2: Ched Nesed Ruins
An unbelievable tragedy has occurred. Ched Nesed is no more. The Great Queen tests us all but never did I believe it would be like this. I watched the great webs that suspended the city break under the giant spider's girth and Druger fire. I can only imagine the city has displeased LLoth, why else would her Yathrin not receive communion and the city be destroyed in such a way? Yet I have survived, it excites me that the Darkmother still has a use for me. I shall attempt to gather some surviving Jalukul and leave this forsaken place....when the dust clears....

Entry 3: The Jalukul

I have rounded up a motley band of Jalukul. Ryse, Drez'zil, and Nyrd are there names, not that it matters, they are just lowly Jalukul. Never the less, the dakrqueens still does not seem to be answering communion, with limited scrolls and potions, I require bodyguards. I must ration my remaining magic carefully, the Jalukul must not know of my weakness.....

Entry 4: The underdark

The Jalukul and I have moved out from the city, or what's left of it. Ryse found several gallons of Invisibility potions today, before we left. The Jaluk is becoming quite useful. This may be exactly what we need to survive in the deep dark long enough to make it to another drow settlement. Nyrd and Drez'zil keep telling me we are not going the right direction, that Menzoberanzan is the opposite way. Impudent julukul. I know where I am going...

Entry 5: One Jaluk dead

Drez'zil is dead. The Jaluk raised his voice to me today. I blasted him with the only magic item left at my disposal. Cursed Jaluk, that was my last charge and I liked that wand. My two remaining companions and I have stopped to camp in a small cavern. The Jalukul may have been right, I expected us to have arrived in Menzoberanzan by now. We will proceed on this course.

Entry 6: Lloth's return

Faluna ulu Lloth! She has returned to me! Earlier this cycle we were beset upon by a host of cloakers. The Jalukul did there best to defend me, but alas they are just jalukul. Nyrd was gravely wounded and it seemed that the fate of Ryse and I would be the same. Then suddenly, she was back, her power filled me to the point of overflowing. I threw spells I did not even know were with in my capabilities. I dispatched the remaining cloakers with ease. Shortly after, I felt the initial power boost fade and once again I only retained spells with in my ability. Nyr begged me for healing, I gave him a dagger to the chest instead, in thanks to Lloth for returning to us. I feel her, pulling me far away, she has a use for me somewhere in the direction we head. I serve, and I obey, Lloth tlu Mala

Entry 7:Arrival

After what feels like years of travel, Ryse and I have arrived in a drow settlement. A small city by drow standards but to my eyes it is majestic and filled with opportunity. Upon our arrival we met a noble Jaluk from house known as Morcane. Albeiro was his name, the Jaluk gave us a little info about the local caverns and the city itself.

Entry 8: Exploring

I have encountered many drow of note and have been arranging patrols among the other Shebali I find in the city. Of note is the Jalil, Trindridia, she is under contract with Sorcere, for something. I have yet to ask her what. The Jalil is intelligent, and quick witted. At the moment she is useful, however like all drow she is ambitious. I shall be sure to watch her. I do not wish to find a knife in my back. Nindyn vel'uss kyorl nind ratha thalra streea dal l'alust, as the old saying goes. While traveling we are constantly harassed by a fiend on a loose leash from Sorcere. Though the temptation has risen on more then one occasion to banish the creature, tormenting her is much more interesting....
In the days since our arrival I have noted several things. There are only three houses in this city. House Morcane seems to be a poor house, having to have there meetings in the city center, instead of there own Qu'ellar. Despite their apparent numbers, I do not sense a lot of power there.

House Dev'lin, seems to be a Qu'ellar with limited activity, and a large number of Jalukul. I have as of yet to meet any females from that Qu'ellar.

Then there is Qu'ellar Mori'Hyanda, the cities first house. The Maelthra, recommends I align myself to them. I am in agreement, the Qu'ellar has a much more noble air then the others. They do not seem to venture out of there Qu'ellar much but I sense great power. I shall follow the wyrm's advice.

Entry 9: Bel'drana

I have met with the Ulathtalar of Szith, as the city is called. A Jalil of Qu'ellar
Mori'Hyanda. A hard woman as can be expected of a jalil in her position. Apparently, she has heard of my recent exploits and inquiries about aligning myself to house Mori'hyanda. She ook me into the Temple to her office. Where we drank wine and discussed my future. As usual, instinct took over and I did not drink of the wine immediately. I have been out of the loop to long, the Ulathtalar, as of yet at least, has no reason to want to see me dead.
Ultimately, I drank the wine, better a quick death by poison than to offend the cities
Ulathtalar. She says she will speak Ilharess Mas'Zhara about finding me a place with in Mori'hyanda's ranks. Bel'drana also gave me a little inside information about the current state of the city as well. I feel I have chosen wisely....

Entry 10:Patrols

I am in constant patrol of the cities local caverns and am beginning to learn my way around the cities outer reaches. This cycle I may do a little exploring on my own. I feel my connection to the Darkmother growing. I still must complete the blood right though, I can not achieve any rank in the Qu'ellar with out the rite of passage. I shall have to speak with either the Ulathtalar or the Ilharess on this matter....

Entry 11:Szith


What ever happened to the good old days when we would just hunt the rothe in the streets? They provided sport and you never had to leave the city. The outer caverns of this city are constantly invaded by filth, everything from underdark creatures to invading kivvil iblith. In recent days, the patrol groups have grown so large I have had to split them in two. This is good, the city needs this.

Due to the split in the patrols, I have not traveled with Trindridia that much, her or that fiend that seems to follow her around. Trindridia seems to be hiding something, and the fiend knows what. It constantly seems to torment her. The jalil's weakness makes me sick, to allow herself to be baited by such a lowly creature...pathetic. If she will not put the freakish thing in it's place then I shall. It is also time I found out just what it is Trindrida is hiding.

Life in the city has been interesting as well. My Jaluk, Ryse, has performed well yet again. He provided, The Ulathtalar, Maya, and I with a show a few cycles ago, by beating another Jaluk to death with his bare hands. Most entertaining....

I met another one of my dalninilen from the Qu'ellar the night before. I believe her name was Azaria or something like that. She seems to have some crazed notion that Jalukul are fleeing to the surface to breed with Rivvil to under mind Lloth. What self respecting drow would do such a thing I wonder? I think she is just insane or foolish. She actually thinks Jalukul are no better then Rothe. Stupid Jalil, even a lowly Jaluk is still a drow and that makes them better than any other race, Rothe or nau. I was about to set the jalil straight when the Jaluk Agrylyn greeted a merchant before bowing the the jalilen present. Dalninil Azaria, some other peasant Jalil, and I began drilling the Jaluk about his impoliteness.

During the conversation Azaria suggested we bring "yathrin" Maya. I was quick to correct dalninil's mistake and informed her that Maya was not a Yathrin, but a mater at Sorcere. The jalil responded with "Well she is powerful" I was shocked, to even compare her power to one of the Yath is border line Heresy. I warned her not to insult the Yath again. I then gave the Jaluk a good backhand and told him to be more polite. Then Maya showed up and the Jaluk ran off in fear. Stupid Jaluk.

Entry 12: The Yathrin and the Pauper

Why do so many of these jalil talk of Maya as if she is Yathrin? Her position in Sorcere demands respect and is one of power, but she is not Yathrin. This is Lloth's city, not some Faern's. This particular peasant was even more swollen headed than the last. She thought just because Maya once offered her a position with in the Qu'ellar (which she refused I might add) that she had achieved some sort of status. I ran into this Jalil a few days ago while patroling the local caverns. The rude jalil thought to speak down to me and said that she would allow me to join her. I scoffed at the dirty little iblith and told her to stand aside.

Later this evening I ran into her again while I was speaking briefly with Zharva. I gave her a scowl and told her I remembered her. The iblith began talking about how she must have left an impression. Hardly, stupid riff raff. Zharva asked if there was trouble, I told her no, just a peasant that does not know her place. Zharva suggested I pay the iblith no heed. That's when the fool jalil started speaking of Maya and how I should show her respect because Maya touched her shoulder once! I told her I would continue to treat her as any Yathrin would. The wretch tried to save some face by spitting at my feet. The thought did occur to me to simply kill the wretch, but before I could cast the spell that came to mind she vanished.

Later on, while I was waiting for my patrol group to gather, one of the Morcane Yathrin thought to throw her weight around. First she demanded our names, I saw no reason not to give it so I did, as did the other's who were with me, commoners all. The Morcane Yathrin then demanded a report. I ignored her and proceeded with my preparations while the others told her they had nothing to report. When ready I began to cast various protection spells upon myself. The Morcane asked if I was expecting trouble. I responded with a no and told her I was preparing to patrol. When I turned to Trindridia and told her she would accompany me, the Morcane asked if I was assuming she had no use for the jalil. I told her I was as if her thoughts on it did not matter, which they did not. The Morcane Yathrin tried to save some face and said she would let the assumption pass. **There is an ink splotch here from when she started laughing while writing** I told her"You will" She then said very well dos is dismissed. I thanked her for releasing Radra, who was also present, for my patrol. I then grabbed Trindridia and Radra and proceeded with the patrol.

That Yathrin's impudence will not be forgotten. When I receive the blood right the Morcane wretch will bow to me and that will be that or she will know suffering.

For tonights patrol I believe I will see if Llothandra would accompany me as I have yet to travel with another Yathrin of house Mori'hyanda. Should be interesting so long as we do not but heads. Tonights patrol should prove most interesting.

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PostSubject: Re: The Journal of Yath'tallar Vilmiathien Morbb'dalharen   The Journal of Yath'tallar Vilmiathien Morbb'dalharen Icon_minitimeMon Mar 01, 2010 12:22 pm

Entry 13: The Fiend of Szith

As usual tonights patrol was accompanied by the fiend. The annoying thing always seems to show up where it is least wanted. Despite it's lip, and tendencies the devil does have it's uses in battle, other than annoying our enemies to death. On this particular patrol, things got interesting. We ran into Llothandra and the Maelthra while passing through the gnoll caverns.

Llothandra's reaction to the fiend was to say the least, comical. She insisted that the fiends were at war with Lloth. I remained quiet through much of the discussion that proceeded her arrival and discovery of the fiend that follows Trindrida around.(and sometimes of late, she has appeared before me without the Jalil's presence.). Let dalninil learn on her own. It would have been amusing to watch Llothandra beat or banish the thing, but of course when she learned who had bound the denizen, she left it well enough alone.

I find it interesting that Llothandra seems to think our goddess gives a deep bats arse about the blood war. In my readings while at Arach Tinilith in Ched Nesed, I found that Lloth does not involve herself with the bloodwar. The Spider Queen is all powerful, and the epitome of cunning, she does not involve herself in never ending wars. Demons, fiends, or Yugoloth's it does not matter, all serve the Spider Queen's whims in one way or the other, though she does favor demons. The fiend hinted to this, but it's reasoning was more to torment my dalninil. Fiends do so love to torment mortals. I admit in return I enjoy tormenting the denzien myself, perhaps tonight I will summon another Succubus for it to play with.

Since the silence Lloth has moved the demon web pits, they are no longer located in the Abyss. The all powerful darkmother of spiders has moved them to a plane of her own design. I am surprised that Llothandra has not sensed this. Perhaps our great queen has chosen not to inform her. I would speak with Llothandra on this matter, but if Lloth has chosen not to inform her Yath here, I will say nothing.
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PostSubject: Re: The Journal of Yath'tallar Vilmiathien Morbb'dalharen   The Journal of Yath'tallar Vilmiathien Morbb'dalharen Icon_minitimeMon Mar 01, 2010 12:30 pm

Entry 14:Lomir

After tonights patrol, I returned to the city. Not long after I was approached by Ilharess Morcane. DeLara seemed in good spirits, though I do not know how. If I had to hold meetings for my Qu'ellar in the city streets I would not be so bright. What else would one expect of a lesser house?

The ilharess and I exchanged a few short musings, once the pleasantries were aside the Ilharess got down to business. She asked what I would do if a Jaluk looked me in the eye, naturally my answer was punish them, the means depending on the jaluk. DeLara then informed me that the Jaluk, Lomir had done just that. She then asked me to see that the Jaluk was punished. Simply for the pleasure of beating a jaluk I agreed. Only later did discover this Lomir, was of Qu'ellar Mori'hyanda.

I searched the city and it's local caverns far and wide for this Jaluk with little success. Soon after De'Lara informed Ulathtalar Bel'drana of the jaluk's defiance. After there little meeting De'Lara returned to her Qu'ellar and the Ulathtalar to here temple. A few hours later I found Lomir, or rather the Jaluk found me. I immediately began to berate the despicable male for disrespecting Yathtalaren. The Jaluk began spitting names of others he has looked in the eye and showed no remorse for the dishonor he had brought upon our Qu'ellar.

As I am not yet blooded into the Qu'ellar, and De'Lara had taken the matter up with the Ulathtalar, I dispatched word to her that I had found the Jaluk in question. Shortly after, Bel'drana arrived. The Jaluk continued to show disrespect, so the Ulathtalar decided to removed his tongue and banish the Jaluk from the city for one month. She must have been in a good mood, I would have sacrificed him to Lloth.

After the Jaluk was banished, I gathered a patrol together and moved into the local caverns for some sport. While patrolling we ran into none other than Lomir with a trio of Dev'lin Jalukul. One Dev'lin in particular, I am unsure of his name, seemed to be in charge. He did not seem happy with Lomir's punishment, though he did agree to respect the Ulathtalar's orders and not bring Lomir into the city. This Jaluk was even more disrespectful then Lomir, though not as direct. Surrounded by Jalukul from the third house, I was beginning to grow angry. The Dev'lin jaluk and his fellows seemed ready to pounce on us. He even had the nerve to say something along the lines of "He may turn up in the city anyways". Having no patience for this Jaluk I responded simply, then Lomir will be sacrificed to Lloth. Growing tired of the Jaluk's remarks I told him in not so many words, if he and his fellows were going to do something to get on with it, I had no patience for pointless banter.

Before the Jaluk could make a move however, the Dev'lin Ilharess showed up and she seemed a bit drunk. She invited both of the Shebali jalil with me to join her Qu'ellar, going on and on about how she is lonely and that there are only Jalukul in her house. Then, perhaps it was just my imagination, but the Jaluk who was speaking earlier seemed to silence her. The Ilharess seemed annoyed,for a moment I thought she was going to slay us all. I lowered my eyes and prepared for what seemed to be coming, then the Dev'lin Jaluk whispered in her ear, and told her to follow him for a moment. There was a slight undertone of sternness in his voice and to my amazement she walked off with him. Then even more amazingly, the Jaluk asked our forgiveness as his Ilharess was not feeling well and the Ilharess bowed to us!!!

There is obviously something odd about that Qu'ellar.......

Entry 15: Musings

Patrols go as usual. It is good to see so many new recruits in the Qu'ellar, I find myself constantly cutting patrol groups into smaller units. Ilharess Ilhar Mas'Zhara was present when I arrived in the city center to begin the arrangements for patrol. The Ilharess bade me to accompany her so that she may gage my abilities, unfortunately she had to leave before any proper assessments could be made. It is a tragedy I did not get to show her the spell of weirding Lloth has given unto me. There is little that is more pleasing than watching many enemies drop dead in a flash.

With all these new recruits, I imagine there will be a large blooding ceremony soon. It is unfortunate that there are so few jalilen, let alone aspiring Yathrin. I am aware of two Shebali jalilen that are aspiring to become Yathrin. Tonight I shall seek them out, as I am still not blooded, I can not recruit. I can however direct these young Jalilen to the proper channels. Talice and Shi'nyyl were there names. Tonight, I shall find these Jalilen and see about strengthening our Qu'ellar's Yath.

Entry 16: Blooding

At last I have received my blooding. While walking through the city center, the Vlasharess herself appeared before me. At first, I was stricken with fear, but for only a split second. I bowed and gave her proper greeting, then she honored me with questions concerning my ambitions. Not wanting to tell her all of my ambitions, I told her my first step, to achieve the rank of Yathrin with in Qu'ellar Mori'hyanda. This seemed to please the great woman. She then proceeded to ask if that was as high as my ambitions go. With a grin, I told her nau, and asked if one can ever strive to high. Again my answer seemed to please her. After catching Anokran's attention with a hammer of Lloth spell, she summoned all the drow readily available to partake in the blooding right of the Noble houses.

Soon after, many drow gathered before the circle in the city center. There the darkmother did speak to us. She told us she did not desire the blood fo Kivvil on this day, but the blood of drow. The Vlasharess called for Amenia's child, who when she arrived was given daggers to throw at those gathered. The Valsharess told us all that those who were hit would be the legs of the spider. After a deliciously chaotic choosing of individuals, they eight legs of Lloth were assembled and so named. I was the second leg and paired with the child. Once the legs were chosen, we were chosen group by group to fight an opposing leg for the favor of Lloth.

My opponent was Zharva, her partner was irrelevant, my weird spell made short work of them. The fight between Zharva and I was truly magnificent. Using her abilities to vanish into the shadows she stalked me. Appearing behind me trying to land a killing blow, often only to find my flail spinning in her direction. Frustrated in being unable to see my opponent I began employing the area affecting magics Lloth had given me. Flames rained down from the cavern ceiling, the very ground shook with the power of Lloth. Many around the circle lost there footing. Wounded and bleeding profusely from the many stab wounds, I waited for Zharva to appear again so we could finish this contest. As I growled in frustration, she was on me. Zharva was in not much better condition than I, bleeding, burned and battered from my spells, she came at me blades a blur of motion. The last I can recall from the battle was Zharva's blade slipping into my belly a final time.

Soon after I was raised, and the contest continued, as the other legs fought for the honor of the Darkmother's favor. When all was said and done one group won the favor of Lloth for being the strongest, another for lasting the longest.

After the ceremony, the Valsharess, the Ulathtalar, the archmage and another wizard with a chill air of death about him walked off. Leaving us amongst the blood of ourselves and our kin, spilled in Lloth's name.

A short while later, the Ulathtalar returned and scolded the Morcanes for leaving at the beginning of the ceremony.

I have retuned to my patrols, now ranked in the the first house. I am ready to fill the title of Yathrin of the first house to its fullest. Yet, much as the Valsharess predicted my ambition is not sated....

Entry 17: Intrigue

It has been several cycles since my last entry, but I have been busy as of late. Patrols, keeping Jalukul in line, the constant vigilance for heresy, among other things.

As I look back at the past several cycles a few key moment stick above the norm of my current life of Szith. Ryse has joined Melee Magthere under Rath's tutalige. Rath, though not the most respectful seems to have a keen mind for a lowly Jaluk. Though when he catches me on a day where I do not have patience (which he will, as I have little) he will find his keen mind will not save him.

The day after him and Ryse had there little meeting, I ran into Rath again. During the conversation, I happened to mention how I though house Dev'lin was strange. The jaluk then asked if we could speak away from prying eyes. We sauntered of to a darker more secluded spot in the city and discussed there strangeness. Rath told me some interesting things he had found out about the third house. I will not say them here though, not even in mine own journal. Some secrets are just to dark, and must be properly researched before any conclusion can be made. I told the Jaluk of my own encounter with the Dev'lin's and there Ilharess's odd behavior.

I have traveled a bit with Ashian'darra, Ilharess of the third house a couple of times since our first odd meeting and have not noticed anything strange besides an encounter with a kivvil I felt she treated way to cordial, but nothing quite as odd as the incident with her and her Jalukul while on patrol before. I will be keeping my eye on her none the less, and maybe I should keep an eye on the Jaluk she seems to travel with often.
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PostSubject: Re: The Journal of Yath'tallar Vilmiathien Morbb'dalharen   The Journal of Yath'tallar Vilmiathien Morbb'dalharen Icon_minitimeMon Mar 01, 2010 12:33 pm

Entry 18: Dark Thoughts

Many days have passed since my last entry. In recent cycles, I have been busy. While perusing through the Residential district the other day. I knocked out some fool Jaluk and dragged him back to the Qu'ellar temple for sacrifice. Perhaps next time I shall find Llothandra and Masun before hand, so that they may join me for the rituals. Both of my fellow Yathrin seem to be real busy with other activities and I often find myself in the Qu'ellar temple conducting ceremonies alone. I enjoy this, alone with Lolth, and what ever fool lands under my knife. All though, I have been feeling a tremendous urge lately to patrol the caverns for kivvil, I am tired of hearing how they keep being found in our domain.

I have decided the time has come to begin researching a better whip. The one that I carry is simple and rudimentary. I shall have to begin researching the proper ways to make a Scourge of Fangs for myself, or perhaps locate one in the depths. I feel making one or having one made may prove more to my liking though. I shall begin looking into ways of trapping the souls necessary to make such an item.

Entry 19: Sacrifice

Today Eleuthera Morcane, Hael'dorl and I captured a gnome and darthiir by Q'os. The darthiir women was a priestesses of some heathen surface deity, the gnome an over talkative loudmouth, who thought they could sing well. Hael knocked them both unconscious, enlarged himself and carried them back to the temple. I kept us all under an ethereal spell to avoid any unwanted encounters on the way home.

Upon arriving back in Szith, I had Hael bring the unconscious Kivven straight to the temple. The Ulathtalar and other Yathtalar of the temple were there waiting for us. Bel'drana seemed pleased, she asked for one offering, I brought of them a darthiiri preistess. She new this ceremony was going to be particularly delicious as did as I. The Ulathtalar bore witness between the giant spider children in the temple, gaging my performance.

I ran the ceremony much like I did the private ones I hold in the Qu'ellar. The fool gnome did not even realize what was going on until it was under my knife. The darthiir looked on in dread for she new she was next. In retrospect, saving the darthiir for last was an excellent idea, her terror made things so much more satisfying to all.

Lloth was pleased, not long after she rewarded me with a spell of incredable power.

Entry 20: A New Jalukul

I often sit in the city center instructing the newly arrived Shebali on the importance of tradition and whip gets a lot of use. Today while doing such, I met a young apprentice of Sorcere name Daethalion. The Shebali was little more respectful than most so I decided to test him, to see exactly how useful he could be.

I told him I would show him to the lizard caverns though the gnolls to he could destroy the lizardmen's circle of sacrifice. Later, when I received his report, I learned he had been successful and even did slay several of the Lizardmen's more powerful spellcasters.

Daethalion has since been admitted into Qu'ellar Mori'hyanda, this pleases me. The new Jaluk is useful, and I feel will continue to be.

I have met others while monitoring the city. One Shebali Jaluk of note is known as Ferbeath. Ferbeath has apparently formed a small band of riffraff and trying to go into business for themselves as a mercenary band. Normally I would simply whip the Jalukul for his odd breach of tradition, yet the idea of having such a group with no ties to the Nobility could prove most useful, especially for assassinations and such, so I have left them to grow on there own. So long as they remain respectful to Lolth they could prove useful in the future.

Entry 21: Yathtalar

I started off the day by satisfying my blood lust. I joined Mas'Vharcon and Ryse for a trip to slaughter giants. It was most entertaining, the Sargtlin is wondrous to watch when she enters the blood lust. The new spell Lolth has awarded me proves to be most useful against these giants, adding greatly to the fun. Lolth tlu Malla!

After the hunt, I returned to the city. There I had a rather arousing game of blade Limbo. I had Daethalion and Celith compete. Daethalion made the first past but was wounded and did not make the trip back. Celith, a shebali Jaluk used spells to avoid harm. Normally, I would reward the Jaluk for his treachery, but since it had caused a noble to loose, I had him do it again with no spells. Daethalion got to enjoy watching the Shebali get diced.

So much to teach these newly arrived drow. Many are not properly schooled in the ways of Lolth. I have taken it upon myself to teach them. Currently the only Yathtalaren I have encountered are the Illharessen and Bel'drana herself. To truly guide these shebali along the right path to ensure Lolth's favor in our great city of Szith, more Yathtalaren must be present to ensure that the Shebali are well aware of the traditional ways of Lolth as well as finding young acolyte jalilen to join the Yath. The Mori'hyanda handmaiden herself has voiced this in a round about way. Most importantly, an acting Yathtalar is needed for the Qu'ellar. Bel'drana, I believe is still acting Yathtalar for the Qu'ellar yet she can not continue to run entire city Yath as well as the Qu'ellar's. She needs at least a yathtalar of each Qu'ellar to report to her and arrange Qu'ellar rituals while she deals with matters of the temple and Arach Tinilith.

The Ulathtalar, Yathrin Lothandra and I met and discussed much of this. The yathrin Masun may be standing in the way, she has also apparently punished a member of Qu'ellar Morcane, I am unsure of who exactly, but this could be a disgrace to our house. The Yathrin shows no restraint and does not seem to follow proper channels. Bel'drana and Lothandra are not happy with her, we have devised a plan to remove the competition, yet I am unsure if a Yathrin who has no presence is competition at all. I will commune with Lolth on this, and ask for her guidance.

We also discussed varius plans to cause chaos on the surface. Lothandra has developed a large network of spies and agents along the surface. I must give my dalninil credit, she has spun a fine web of intrigue. Due to her current affairs, Lothandra has stated that she does not desire the position of Yathtalar and would prefer to sit in her webs. I do not blame her.

Entry 22: Heresy

After dealing with that sniviling banker for a while, I ran into the Ulathtalar and a few others in the town square. The Ulathtalar ordered Radra, a jalil by the name of Eowein, and I to accompany her to a the temple for a meeting. The four of us walked to the temple and straight to the Ulathtalar's offices. Apparently, Eowein had requested to meet with the Ulathtalar to give her some information, Radra also apparently had a report to give, but we never got that far.

On Bel'drana's order Eowein told her story. She told of how he and her siblings had escaped the fall of there house and fled to the surface. Then she shocked us all. She informed us that she and her siblings had turned to heathen gods and forsaken Lolth. Among these deities, the sword danceing bitch was hinted to, but not mentioned, not even the Ulathtalar would speak her name with in the temple. Eowein informed us that she had turned back to Lolth and brought us her siblings as an offering, to ask the Queen's favor and the favor of Qu'ellar Mori'hyanda.

We interrogated the Jalil extensively, using all manors of torture. After an hour or two of this; the Jalil began to give us names. Her siblings first, then others that her siblings had associated with. One of the names she had mentioned came as a shock. All of our jaws did drop. Things are about to change in our house, and in this city....

The Ulathtalar ordered the other Yathrinen to bind Eowein and drag her back, deeper into the temple for more intense forms of interrogation. Bel'drana then summoned Daethalion to accompany us in seeking out the heretics. We left the temple and headed down to the city center. Lolth was with us for we found one of the heretics, a jaluk named Jasun right there in the city center. We questioned the Jaluk briefly there and then the revered ilhar ordered Daethalion to escort him to the temple with us, where Jasun could have the honor of sacrificing a child to Lolth. Jasun did not seem happy with the honor, but he accompanied us there with Daethalion's blade at his back.

When we reached the temple again, the Ulathtalar left and returned with several rivvil children. We all approached the alter and circle. The revered ilhar handed Jasun the dagger and instructed him to do the honors. The Jaluk threw the dagger down, and cursed Lolth. The Ulathtalar imediately order his death. The Jaluk charged at Daethalion in hopes of overpowering our young mage and fleeing. Daethalion, dispatched him easily. The three of us were disgusted. I removed Jasun's heart and placed it in the alter fire. Daethalion had done extremely well. The honor of being alllowed to accompany the Ulathtalar and here her Yathrin into the temple gave him streangth.

The Ulathtalar then charged us with finding the other dobluth. I grabbed Daethalion and left the temple in search of new prey. While strolling down the hill leading out of the accadamies, we ran into Zha'linth. I quickly informed him of the situation and to accompany us in our hunt and inquisition. Then I proceeded with two of our newest Jalukul to the city center again. There again we found another dobluth, this one a jalil by the name of Maria. After dealing with the other Jalukul in the area I began to question the Jalil. Her name and place of dwelling was all I needed. I informed her she was to take part in an offering for me and by swordpoint we brought her to the temple.

//Many crashes at this point, but we marched through them

Much in the same maner the Ulathtalar did I offered the Jalil a chance to kill one of the children. As I handed the dagger to her she tryed to avoid the inevitable by asking if a yathrin would be more suited to complete the ceremony. I informed her that Lolth chooses who gives the offering and handed her the dagger. She stared at it pondering.

At this moment, the Dev'lin Jaluk, kal'lazar arrived. Daethalion imediately began questioning his presence there. Then suddenly, the jalil takes the knife and plunges it in the heart of the nearest Yathtalar, killing her instantly. The reaction of the Jalukul was comendable, before the Yathtalar even fell, Maria had been disintigrated. I quickly resurected the Yathtalar. The Dev'lin Jaluk, offered to gather the ashes and reconstruct the jalil's heart for a proper sacrifice. I thought on this and asked how long it would take, the Jaluk said a few days. I decided that finding the other heretics was more important and that Lolth was pleased with the death of the heretic. The method does not matter so much as the fact that the Darkmother's decrees must be carried out and she demands death to all heretics.

The Jaluk then informed me that his Ilharess had charged him to experiment with the reconstruction process and that it would please her to no end if I allowed him to take the ashes. I told him no I did not beleive his Ilharess would want even a peice of that heretic brought into her noble Qu'ellar. He asked if I thought his Ilharess would be so easily corrupted. I told him not at all my concern was for him and the others of his Qu'ellar and that heresy was like a cancer, and that I would not risk such corruption of one of our great houses. The Dev'lin grudgingly excepted this, he seemed offly eager to please his Ilharess, though I fear the truth is he was trying to further his own ends somehow.

Daethalion, Zha'linth and I then left the temple to search the residential district for more dobluth. I ordered those on guard in the area from the accadamies to check all the residences and to say nothing of what they seek. Only to bring the Jalil, Jedylene directly to the temple. I gave Vald, and the Shebali jalukul, Celith and Traaval the same orders. The Darkmother was demanding a report, so I proceeded to the Qu'ellar for comunion.

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Chaperter 23: The Wayward Jalil

Early in the cycle, after reverie, I received word that the remaining heretic had been spotted around Q’os. I headed out that way immediately. On the way I gathered up a Jaluk, named Xun. Upon my arrival in the unruly settlement, I encountered Eleuthera and Radra Morcane and the Dev’lin jaluk, Mordakarr. While we were speaking we were approached by a wayward jalil, Eleuthera began speaking to her and we found she was a drow born on the surface! Raised in none other than the Lunar Temple! She said she had been having strange dreams and felt drawn underground. She then produced a severed drow hand and claimed it belonged to her former mistress in the Lunar Temple. We question the Jalil at length about the location of the cursed place and I instructed her to seek me out again so that she may begin her atonement.

Later we ran into her again in the undercaverns below the temple. I told her to begin her cleansing she would have to prove herself to Lolth. I sent her back to the lunar temple to trick one of her unsuspecting sisters into coming down into the underdark. I feel this was the right path; treachery is always the right path, besides who can say if the severed limb was really that of her mistress? I sit back and wait for this one to show her worth, and worthiness to walk among the drow of Szith.

Chapter 24: Sleyvas

What can I say of this despicable Jaluk? He has no respect for station or rank. I found him lying around drunk in the center of Szith on more than one occasion. The temptation to beat the Jaluk arises constantly, but I am quite sure he would enjoy it. The Jaluk does have his uses however. He is a skilled assassin by what I have seen of his combat abilities also his lack of respect causes such strife and chaos among the other jalilen it is entertaining to watch at times. Perhaps the chaos that springs up around him is why he has been allowed to live so long in our little community…

A master of his trade, he keeps his ear to the ground listening for rumors. His most recent one is of consequence. Aparently, A bold individual snuck inside of the Qu’ellar Morcane confines, and killed their guards to make a statement, leaving the arrows he used to kill them with in their posts. The assailant then left, unseen, while there were nobles in conference. The most entertaining thing of this news; is he claims that there were Jalukal and Jabrassen roaming the halls acting as guardians for this conference, and none saw anything. The jaluk seemed very pleased with himself, delivering this news, I have a feeling the jaluk’s involvement is more than just the delivery of rumors.

The Jaluk, has apparently been found useful by others as well. Apparently, once long ago, Sleyvas was to be sacrificed, probably for his lack of respect. The resourceful jaluk managed to escape his fate and ran off into the underdark. The yathrinen, sent search parties out to find them and one by one he picked them off. He then, according to the story he tells, returned to Szith, faught and killed many of the academy guards. He was apparently finally cowed by the archmage, who ended up killing Sleyvas’s double instead. The Jaluk apparently thought he had escaped, however he was caught by Mas’Futo. The Valsharess with the avatar of Lolth decreed that it would be a waste to kill such a talented jaluk, and instead he was implemented. To this day he claims he works as an agent of Valsharess Mas’Futo. Judging by the Jaluk’s, character, and familiarity with a lot of the older drow, I feel inclined to believe him. The question also arises….if this jaluk had something to do with the attack on house Morcane as I suspect; did the order come from the Valsharess herself? The jaluk is definitely useful, I may hire him myself…..

Entry 25: Offering’s to Lolth

This cycle was most pleasing. I walk down form the Qu’ellar into the speaking circle in the the center of Szith. There I find our Qu’ellar’s faithful Jaluk, Daethalion. He informs me that he has found the third heretic! He believes he had seen her near Xilliz. As he delivers his report, Ulathtalar Bel’drana enters the circle. We inform her that the Heretic will soon be in our grasp and set out after her. Upon capturing her in the gnoll caves, the jalil admitted to her heresy. We brought her before Bel’drana and then we all carried her to the temple. There we sacrificed her to Lolth allowng the spiders of the temple to drink her blood. The body was carried out to the speaking center of Szith. There Daethalion tied them up and did herald the shebali on the punishment for heresy. I sense the Spider Queen was pleased with our sacrifice for she granted me the power to summon a powerful balor. Her favor empowers me. Lolth tlu Malla!

After speaking briefly with Radra Morcane and the Ulathtalar, I excused myself and headed down to the speaking circle to inspect Daethalion’s work. The body was suspended nicely for all to see, as was instructed. Rizzen Morcane had arrived as well and was overjoyed to see the dobluth had been caught. The three of us began speaking together of the jalil I had encountered who claimed to be from the surface. Lolth surely was smiling on me this day for at that very moment the jalil arrives dragging an unconscious half drow priestess of Ellistrae. We brought her to the temple straight away.

When we arrived at the temple we encountered Masun, in the middle of a ceremony. We waited a moment politely for her to finish, then when she acknowledged us. I took control. Informing her that we came with an offering to the goddess and required use of the alter. My dalninil gave me the alter and I immediately began the ritual. I was surprised the Masun did not join in much, in truth she seemed rather bored with the whole thing, now that I think back on it…perhaps she was simply cowed by my gift for ceremony. The ceremony went well and the heart of the priestess was burned in the alter fire. The delicious part was at the ceremonies apex, just before the killing strike I stopped and handed the dagger to Irrtana, the jalil who brought us the sacrifice, commanding her to complete the ritual. The jalil took out her dalninil’s heart. Lolth was pleased. I instructed Daethalion to set the corpse beside the other heretic on display.

Left alone with Masun and Irrtana, I began to speak to Irrtana of her cleansing. I made her my battle captive. Little more than a slave the jalil will serve me until I deem her worthy to be a shebali. I have already put her to work as well instructing her to report to me all of the Jaluk, Celith’s activities along with the activities of his group. Speaking of which, I also must set Elghinn off to keep an eye on Sleyvas. I want to see what he is up to.

Entry 26: Pain and Torture, Fun and Games

This cycle, I was to meet with the Ulathtalar. As usual she was weighed down with the work of the city and house temples. Not wanting to disturb the yathtalar's work, I awaited her in the speaking circle. Hours went by and finally, Amenia, Ulfaerz'un'ar of Szith arrived and greeted me. Amenia seemed to be a bit bored. We spoke briefly and decided to go for a stroll together. Just as we were about to leave, we were approached by Irrtana. My battle captive took a knee before us and I told her to report. The iblith seemed taken aback when I referred to her as "my little rothe". She stammered and asked if I had not been informed. Curious I asked her, "Of what?" Irrtana informed me that she was now Maya's rothe. She showed me Maya's bite marks as well as the collar with Maya's sigil. This is the point where I lost my temper, the nerve of my dalninil, taking my battle captive. Amenia mearly laughed and suggested we simply carve our own mark's into Irrtana. We did so, and I carved the symbol of Lolth into Irrtana's stomach, to remind Maya of who we all serve and what I am.

A short while later, Maya arrived. I toyed with her at first, telling her she owed me for my stolen battle captive. She suggested that she owed me and I agreed. Then Amenia returned and we showed her the marks. Maya took it much better than either of us expected. She merely wished to clarify who exactly owned Irrtana. Amenia replied, all three of us and instructed Maya to remove the silly eyesore of a collar and make her mark. I also pointed out that the space we left her on the Rothe's abdomen was quite small. Maya saw no point in making her mark and instead, made some of use of the Rothe, sending her off for some spell components or something or other.

After Maya returned to Sorcere for her latest class, Amenia and I entertained ourselves for a bit. Amenia not please by Sleyvas's disrespect ( What jalil is pleased by Sleyvas I wonder, according to the Jaluk, I am one of the few her respects, I have yet to see it) summoned balors to kill Sleyvas, telling him she wished to see his combat prowess. I must say though Amenia was unimpressed by the Multiple Balor's inability to kill Sleyvas, I was. To kill so many of the creatures with no magic and the Ulfaerz'un'ar casting every enhancement spell she had on the demons, is an impressive feat of skill and strength. I see why the Darkmother and Mas'Futo, assimilated him back into our society. Unfortunately, every time the Jaluk please me, he disappoints me twice over. I ran into him later on and he called the Yath a Hypocrisy. For such a skilled assassin, he takes unnecessary risks. His continuous lack of respect is begining to weigh down his usefullness.

ntry 27: Plots in the darkness

Life goes on in Sztih. I have enacted the blooding ceremony for Mas'Vharcon and Daethalion. Dalninil shall be made Yath'Sargtlin and Daethalion shall be one of Amenia's apprentices. The victim for the right, was a dwarf miner who got lost in the caverns. The ceremony went well. After the ceremony, Bel'drana and I discussed Radra.

Everything seems to be going as planned. Radra was captured and to be punished. She shortly afterwards escaped, and has made contact. The Ulathtalar's plan is going splendidly. Qu'ellar Morcane seems to be having a stroke of bad luck. Sinae has apparently been leading kivven through our territory. I also met up with Ceil the other day and the Jaluk was traveling with a priestess of Loviatar. That did not last long, as I confronted her quickly and she went Ethereal and left, saying some coment concerning Valenfor and drow alliance. She also commented on how I do not know my deities alliances. Fool kivvil, if I catch her trying to steal the Darkmother's children away again, I will kill her, in fact, I think I will kill her despite the fact.

I have yet to contact Lothandra to arrange the test of Dek'za d'Velven. We should arrange this soon. Thus far the merc group has proved useful, yet we must know the truth of there loyalties.

After the sacrifice of a darthiir iblith. The Ulathtalar, Elghinn and I discussed several matters. Our meeting was cut short however, I shall have to meet with her this cycle to conclude it.

Entry 28: Blood in the Caves

I really must be sure to stay current with events. I have in recent months, kept myself busy in the house temple with my meditations. During the last of my meditations, Lolth herself did come to me in a vision. She bade me to walk out into the Szith center to bear witness to her as she held court.

With in moments, I was leaveing the Qu'ellar for the first time in what felt like a decade. I arrived just in time to witness the Dark Ilhar cast all four houses down, and call for blood in payment for the heretics aloud in her city. She also ordered that none be spilled in her streets. Ilharess Mas'Zhara left shortly afterwards in a fluster, clearly angry at the accusations house Morcane had apparently cast. Xi'Shae took the one heretic that had been called out with her, for sacrifice she claimed, to her Qu'ellar. I urged the Morcane's to make the sacrifice public, so all could see the price for heresy. They ignored me and walked off. This leads me to wonder if the Morcanes sacrificed the dobluth at all.

Later, a cycle or two later, after speaking briefly with Pau'Mai, I was joined by the Maelthra. We spoke shortly in greeting to one another and then we were approached by a Morcan yathrin. She demanded to know who was holding Maelthra's leash. With a laugh I asked "Why do you ask? Has he eaten someone he shouldn't have?" The Yathrin said she just wanted to be sure that no ones pet was being left untended. I told her I was glad that she was so vigilant on such things, as before I took my leave for meditations I had seen many Morcane Rothe wandering around the city untended. The Morcane fool replied, not on my watch!

At this point, Maelthra asked if that meant he had permission to eat stray Morcane Rothe. The Yathrin paused a moment, so I assured her that if she feared giving the order, I would do it for her. She sputtered at my commment and gave the Maelthra permission. The Maelthra, I sence, will be eating well in the future.

This Morcane fool of a Yathrin then began reprimanding Ilharess Kor'ali for calling house Mori'hyanda the first house. I do not think the Yathrin realized how close she came to becoming Maelthra chow, cooked by yours truly. Then Rizzen, of al Jalukul, disobeyed a direct question from the Ilharess, by not giving her satisfactory answers to her line of questioning.

I feel anticipation in to my very being, the need to kill other drow. I can not hold it much longer, the caves will flow with the blood Lolth demands! Now is the time to usurp glory and power!

Entry 29: Handmaiden

This cycle I took Ryse on patrol of the local caverns for the first time in many cycles. This time however, our hunt was not for gol, or gnolls, or crushers. This time we hunted for Morcane's, in hopes of find a a small group of them. Unfortunately, we only found one. Celith, being no sence in killing one lone Jaluk, Ryse and I let him live. After makeing him sweat a little, I am quite sure the Jaluk felt rather close to death while speaking with us. He is quite lucky he was alone, had he been with another Morcane, they would have both died. I do not feel house Morcane would miss one Jaluk that much so killing Celith would have been fun, but fruitless.

After our patrol I met with Il'haress Kor'ali. The young Il'haress informed me that Morcane's transgressions and disrespect continue to push her and her Qu'ellar deeper into Mori'hyanda embrace. I beleive I will arrange a meeting with Ashian'dara, I am quite sure house Dev'lin will also side against Morcane. The Morcane fools do not know there opponents very well. Vorn, I beleive that is what the Il'haress is called, also spoke of sniffing out these heretics. It seems none have been found yet. Vorn suggested that we find someone to frame, this may be an idea, though I would prefer to find the actual heretics.

Our meeting was cut short, however, the Il'haress was called away on courtly matters (server crash). Perhaps I will be able to meet later so we can continue to lay plans.

Afterwards, upon returning to the city core. I encountered the Valsharess herself. I informed the Valsharess of the current status of the heretic hunt. I do not beleive she was pleased. Though I did learn some information regarding Razlo being held prisoner by the Morcanes, Valsharess will be most displeased should they loose there prisoner. I have delivered a note to the Ilharess regarding this, I hope she receives it quickly. This could be a golden opportunity. I told the Valsharess that I beleived the reason no heretics have been produced, and that is that the heretics lie in hiding amongst the nobility. The only way to truly weed them out would be name a new handmaiden, with the power to interrogate even the noblest of Ilharessen if necassary. The Handmaiden or grand inquisitor would then go from house to house, searching and questioning with all the power of the Yath. This way no house could try to hide a heretic, or pass one up simply because they will not search there own. The Valsharess, busy that she is, gave order that even a Jalukul so long as the evidence was strong enough, could question a jalil regarding heresy, and punish immidiately if necassary, and then left to deal with other matters of state. This will help with the search, but will do no good, if the heretic is a Yathrin, or some other high up noble. There needs to be one of the Yath that is above the nobility in matters of the church, perhaps the Ulathtalar herself.......or given the athority, I could find all of these heretics and put them to the blade.....

After the Valsharess bid us aluve, I spoke with Aly and Celith Morcane. I told them my thoughts of a grand inquisitor, the Jaluk said it smelled of Law. So I demonstrated to him what the inquisiton would be like and how there would be nothing fair or lawful about it. It will be long before Celith forgets the pain he went through under my mock interrogation.....
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Entry 30: Jabbress d'Arach Tinilith

I have achieved great status in this city and still my power and influence grows. Lolth looks upon me with favor for she knows I act on her whims with true devotion. Many things have happend since my last entry, so many that I can not even list them all with out spending valuable communion time listing them. I shall be brief, my time is not what it used to be.

Maelthra and I have bonded. The magical link between us remains, and will be streangthened futher soon. The Maelthra's magical essence give an intoxicating power, the only thing I have felt that is more riveting is the holy devine touch of the Spider Queen. Nothing compares quite to that. I shall have to meet with Maelthra soon, so that he may releive some of my stress and anger, and again fill me with power.

The position of Ulathtallar has proven to be most fruitful. slowly, but surely, I pull the Yath under my wing. Arach Tinilith will run as Lolth intended before long as will the rest of the acadamies. Through this, I shall see to the carrying out of Lolth's great plan. First, through the acadamies, we shall ensure the first part of the plan is carried out. Mastery of our domain, mastery over the entire Underdark of Elban Aator.

Yathrin Pau'mai has been the only Yath of house Mori'hyanda I have discussed anyting with, and I have yet to meet with her once more. I am sure we hav much to discuss. Isandra Morcane is ready for her bloodright, I have informed her house of this, when she is blooded I may test her to be Yathrin. Talice Kor'ali is also ready, I have yet to encounter any Mori'hyanda or Dev'lin Yath, this is something I shall have to discuss with Ashian'dara and Mas'Zhara on.

On that note the Counsel has been summoned by Mas'Futo, it is just a matter of time before they deligate. I hope it is soon, I wish to dicuss my ideas for the academies with the four Matrons. I wish to arrange for blooding rites to be held by the acadamies, with houses representing puppils in the acadamies. Blood rites will then be adminstered by masters of the acadamies, with the ceremony to be performed by any available Yath'tallar who give consent to perform it. Students will prove themselves to there houses and Lolth in the Acadamies.

Rath has also returned, the Jaluk is an annoying worm. No longer pure drow, he has been tainted by undeath and demonic blood. I have already layed him low for heresy once, only to have him remanifest a cycle later. If he can not die, perhaps he can still be used to Lolth's and my advantage.

Entry 31: The Ulathtallar contemplates recent events

It is the late hours of the cylce..and has been many cylces since my last entry. The business of Arach Tinilith keeps me quite busy. Another new Yath'abban by the name of Syclia, has recently joined Arach Tinilith, hopefully she will join the glorious Qu'ellar Mori'hyanda as there last Yath'abban was Ginthrae, she has since been well established as Yathrin. I have heard of other, but have yet to meet them.

Also in recent events, it appears the tension that has befallen the city since the council was formed has at last erupted into the chaos I was expecting. Qu'ellar Mori'hyanda and Dev'lin have apparently begun fighting in the nearby caverns, though this is all rumors. This is good, Lolth will not take kindly on the house that defys her rule by being boorish enough to begin fighting in her streets. So long as the confrontations remain in the shadows, I will do my best to increase the chaos between them.

The Coven has also recently made contact with me. They wanted me to give them the Dragon in return for use of there information network. Of course I laughed at them, and sent the messenger on his way with a very negative response. I did however inform that that Qu'ellaren to war in the caverns outside the city, and money be inline to be made for them. Playing on Kivven greed is so easy, in truth if they do contact any of the four Il'haressen, eventually they will be that I'haressen's play toys..

Lolth is smiling upon Szith, everything is going as she desires. The strife between the houses has erupted into chaos, not the weak accusations that were laid at Lolth's feet before. Her nobles show strength and decisive action, the underdark is closer to being conquered than before and when the conflicts are at an end, we shall flock under Lolth's banner and finish our work here in the underdark. Nyr still remains in my sights and they will open there gates to there superiors and masters. For that is what we are, the masters of the underdark, made so by the holy devine decree of the spider queen herself.
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