Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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DM Cefar

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PostSubject: Assault of ...   Assault of ... Icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 6:00 pm

The 'official' event thread will be found in the TFR Forums:

As Szith is still struggeling with the recent changes of power, another force seems to assemble within the dark tunnels. Patrols return, often with fewer members than they left. They are reporting about assaults from undeads, lead by female drows and often accompanied by deadly drow assassins.
Rumors quickly live up, strange stories are being spread within the shebali. Some say that surprisingly many drow are disappearing lately within the city as well, and only blood is being found, but no corpses.

// If you are participating in any of these subevents, feel free to investigate and search as much as you want. Just RP it in game and if I need a skill roll from you, I will let you know. Thank you. //
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PostSubject: Re: Assault of ...   Assault of ... Icon_minitimeTue Oct 19, 2010 4:04 am

[[this is copy of my post in tfr forum]]

After returning battered and tired from the patrol, Zahanzon Morbb’dalharen reported to his Ilharess Elvawen.

Usst was at the goborg caves, patrolling and training ussa archery skills, when usst heard a female drow speak in the distance. Usst carefully moved closre to see which jabres patrolled here to, when i suddenly usst was atacked by few skeletons and drow jaluk. After i fought them back, i tried to locate female voice again and followed tracks to her. Then usst saw the drow jabress, she wore little armor but had skeletons aruond her and just animated another. Her accent was not the szithian, but before usst could spy more on her, a drow jaluk, an assassin attackd me, and on his warning signal, the jabress and her skeletons also attacked ussa. Usst could smite the jaluk, but then had retrat and use the caves to run, hide and then attack back after all were dead. usst searched the dead female, which had no insignia of any known house or academy, but just a silvre necklace with symbol of a hand.
*at this point zahanzon shows amulet to Ilharess*

Aftre listeing to everything, Ilharess sends zahanzon to find Faern Siriwyn Morbb’dalharen.

Later Zahanzon finds Siriwyn at the sorcire. After explaining problem to him, siriwyn takes the amulet and careful examins it, but as it difficult, he asks for more time to research it. zahanzon leavs to find more information and see if othre found similar symbols.
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Beluril Hannode'tnen

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PostSubject: Re: Assault of ...   Assault of ... Icon_minitimeSun Oct 31, 2010 2:11 pm

Belruil was with the group of scouts dispatched by the Valsharess made their way through the tunnels of the underdark, and dispatched yet another patrol of Kiaransalee scouts that were located in the deep trolls. After much travelling through the tunnels they reached the entrance to the ice caverns where they met with another scout who claimed to be from Szith sent by the Valsharess before hand. Entering into the ice caverns the group proceeded stealthily and passed two pairs of guards, drow and skeleton. The drow guards seemed to be lazy and complacent, allowing the group to pass them with little concern. Inside the main chambers where the Kiaransalee Yathrinshee had set up their base there was a series of ward stones placed, the group was able to decern that these stones would block against hostile spellcasters, but wasn't entirely certain of this. After eavesdropping on the meeting that was taking place and hearing the high yathrinshee ordering an assassin to gather more bodies, Beluril spotted that under each stone there was three fragments. Stealing one of the fragments the group quickly and silently retreated back to Szith to report their findings to the Valsharess and have Sorcere to research the fragment to find a way to disable the ward.
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Beluril Hannode'tnen

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PostSubject: Re: Assault of ...   Assault of ... Icon_minitimeThu Nov 04, 2010 7:26 pm

Narar enters the Mage Duel Arena within Szith his mind focused on the task ahead.

Master of Sorcere looks at Narar, "Dos wish to do dos ritual now?"

Narar nods, "Xas, one moment while I prepare."

Narar sits down and enters a state of meditation for several minutes readying his mind and body for the ritual to begin.

Master of Sorcere nods and motions to the students in the room to come back to stand beside him and out of the way. He then curses and points them to the door to leave the room, "Do naut disturb in here! It's too dangerous to have students here now."

Narar stands up after several minutes, "Very well." He then proceeds to cast the ritual of divination, beginning the spellcasting. The casting of the spell alone lasts for several minutes, during the casting the spell reagents required to cast the spell were absorbed into the weave. The spell, so complex, unleashes more magical energies then any divination previously attempted, consuming almost the entirety of the mage duel arena within Sorcere.

As the spellcasting neared completion the magical energies seemed to coalesce in the center of the room. The air flimmers in front of Narar's eyes for a moment, then a name is heard as if said aloud beside him: Yathrinshee Nygura. The image begins to clear and a female drow, clothed in long black silk, a hood over her head is seen. Narar watches the vision unblinking, noticing a silvery ring on each finger, her figure not physically strong nor protected by any armor. Skeletons surrounding the woman as the area around comes into focus, a flicker of recognition of the Ogre caves. A few drow travel along side her, most of them males, dark hooded with graceful movements.

Yathrinshee Nygura is quiet for a moment, then she gives out a command, her voice as quiet and melodic as a female's whisper in a bedroom, yet as strong as if made of adamantine. Her movement seems to leed toward Q'os, a pulsing shadow in the far distance is seen.

"Usstan believe the ice caves were detected! Double the guards and keep the Gatestones in place. Do not fail!" She then turns quiet again for a moment as one of the males leaves with haste, soon vanishing into the darkness of the tunnel.

Then she and her group moves closer to the pulsing shadow again, another command is whispered. "Get the Lich Queen. Usstan want her ready to attack. Also prepare the rise of more undead, we must get more powers to destroy Szith!"

Then she falls quiet again, reaching the pulsing shadow which can now be seen to be a portal, held open by five Faerns standing in a circle. Nygura eyes the group again, then turns to one of the few females traveling with her, "Dos will patrol close to Szith. Do get more corpses. The raised drow are stronger than those foolish goblins and trolls." She then motions for her group to follow her as she steps within the portal.

Narar stands dazed as if his mind whirling, his eyes glazed over from lack of blinking he shakes his head clear as he dismisses the spell, the magical energies fading and leaving the room as it once was. Appearing deep in thought and a bit troubled.

Master of Sorcere looks at narar, "Dos are done already?"

Narar nods, "Xas."

Master of Sorcere nods back, "Dos gained valuable information?"

Narar "Some xas, it appears that the ward fragment that was brought here for study tupped them off, and they are likely attempting to set a trap there now for any possible attacks on that location.

Master of Sorcere mooths over his hair with his hand then nods, "A trap?"

Narar "Xas, possibly, and they moved to a new area, they were heading toward Szith, the new area is warded against divinations, likely with a ward similar to the one in the ice caves.

Master of Sorcere smoothes his hair once again then shakes his head, "The Valsharess left spies at the Ice Caves to aid us in finding a way to break the wards. They are still there as well. Usstan wonder what place dos are talking about then." He then seems thoughtful for a moment, "But bweal, at least some news. Dos know who is leading all of it?"

Narar nods, "Xas, a priestess, Yathrinshee Nygura."

Master of Sorcere takes a book from his belt and takes notes down on what has been said, then quirks a brow, "Yathrinshee Nygura? Usstan have never heard of her before."

Narar nods, "A priestess of Kiaransalee."

Master of Sorcere looks at Narar, "We are thankful for dos information. Dos aid in the research to break the wards would be welcome."

Narar nods, "They are preparing to attack Szith in force as well, she spoke of summoning the Lich Queen, and about sending assassins to take more drow bodies for their undead army.

Master of Sorcere nods and sighs, "The valsharess will naut be pleased. Bella dos for dos warning."

Narar hears a small noise, as if someone suppressing a sneeze somewhere in the room. He glances around the room, now aware of another presence.

Master of Sorcere looks at Narar, "Something disturbing dos?"

Narar, "Someone else is here." He then begins to scan the shadows while casting a spell to summon a Balor.

Master of Sorcere looks around displeased, then shaking his head, "Usstan can naut see anyone." He then eyes the Balor suspiciously, but says nothing.

Narar looks to the Balor, "Keep dosst senses sharp, someone seeks to spy on us." He then continues to scan the room. "Dos see anything?"

The Balor slowly gazes around then shakes his heavy head slowly in a no but keeps his eyes gazing around in the room.

Narar nods, "Very well then," and dismisses the Balor back to the hells. "Usstan must go prepare usst reports, aluve."

Master of Sorcere nods, "Of course," as Narar walks out of the room and to a table in the library to begin writing the reports, watches him a bit worried.

After finishing with each report of the happenings Narar calls for a student to deliver the reports to the Ilharessen, the Valsharess and the long absent Archmage of Sorcere.
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