Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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Szith: Drow City of the island of Elben Aator, a NWN2 PW set in the Forgotten Realms
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 Assasination and war

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PostSubject: Assasination and war   Assasination and war Icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2008 5:17 pm

The Law of Lolth

Note: A player driven event based on encounters with other players must follow the TFR Rules and PvP Rules. If you dont know the rules, ASK! Players are not allowed to purposely slay, torture, or consistantly grief another player without given the permission to do so. Either communicate your intensions through “Out of Character” tells, PMing on the FTR forum, or organize a player event.

In a Lloth worshipping drow community, it is a deadly thing to slay a matron mother who holds Lloth’s favor, so mothers may reign for hundreds of years, kept alive by the magic of Lloth and the diligent service they perform to get and keep it. The assassination of a matron mother is often a punishment for losing Lloth’s good will, and marks either a new direction for the House, or if it is weak and has strong rivals, usually the beginning of its extinction.

If one House in the city openly wars on another, and fails to eradicate it entirely in a single attack, the survivors of the ruined House can call down the city’s justice on the attacking House. When this occurs, all Houses combine forces to wipe out the offending House. Houses who send assassins and saboteurs against each other for years will be forced into an open battle by the city’s ruling council, with the same results as above. This type of no win scenario allows the internal strife of drow to be strictly controlled, so that drow communities are not torn apart by continual, bloody warfare. Most internal combat therefore takes the form of eternal maneuvering for small advantages. Underhanded intrigue, poisoned knives in dark alleys, vicious trade rivalries, and dirty dealings are all a part of normal drow life. These types of scenerios are extremely rare and should be directed by a DM.

There is no true god or goddess other than Lolth. Any who follow or bow to the dictates of any other power or faith (or it’s representatives such as Selvetarm’s followers) are to be utterly destroyed, preferably a sacrifice.

Ritual worship of any other than Lolth is forbidden within the cities of the Drow. Non-Drow who violate this-once-are merely fined heavily, and expelled from the city. They may return on another occasion. Second offenders, those who scorn Lolth, or Drow worshippers are slain. Merely uttering another power’s name is frowned upon but not cause for punishment.

In practice, any Drow suspected of following Vhaeraun or his allies will be interrogated magically, and if such worship is proven to occur, they are executed (even if they’ve never performed any act of worship to the power in the city).

Anyone who mistreats an arachnid, or any creature (from slave to beast of burden) of a house, is fined and whipped by priestesses of the Spider Queen. Those who kill spiders must be punished or DIE.

For a slave to refuse any order of a Drow of the owning house is a fatal offence. The treatment of slaves it totally the affair of their owner. Slaves have no rights, and there are no strictures on punishments or duties that can be set for them.

A commoner citizen who refuses to follow the order of a high priestess can be punished as the offended priestess sees fit, up to and including instant death. The exception to this requires the commoner to be property of another House, and a noble of that House must be present and object to the punishment. In this case the priestess and the House Matron must agree on a punishment: usually a flogging delivered by the offended priestess. A student of the Academy who refuses a Matron or Mistress anything can be punished as the offended officer sees fit, up to and including instant death.

Any Drow who falsely wears the colours or insignia of another House (except by the express permission from that House), or who deliberately alters his or her hairstyle or attire to appear as a rank different from his or her own (except by express permission of the owning Matron), must be punished or DIE.

The penalty of death also waits any non-Drow who uses any means to adopt the disguise of a particular Drow, or a Drow noble rank or a House other than their own.

If one House attacks another House and fails to utterly exterminate it’s noble line (must be approved by a DM), the House that perpetrated the attack is itself obliterated, by the gathered might of the cities other Houses including the Academy in one large group to do battle (approved DM event).

If one or more Houses combine to attack another House, all of the Houses who participated in the attack are to be destroyed (approved DM even). The ruling House holds itself exempt from this rule, apparently with Lolth’s support. So do not openly attack another House faction without informing a DM.

Any House attacking another that has just survived an earlier attack (within the same year) loses the favour of Lolth. This means their priestesses lose the use of their spells during the attack and thereafter, until a great deed or service has been performed to regain Lolth’s favour; the House is unable to defend itself except by diplomatic and purely physical means, and is surely doomed. Other Houses may attack it with impunity. Thus weakening the initial attacking House to help ensure their defeat.
Assassination and Status
In the House Mori’hyanda, player verse player will be a common answer in matters of Assassination. Rules for assassination have been formulated so that all House members will know what to expect.

The challenge is made by a lower ranking character that has completed The Challenges of Lolth and is now pursuing the favor of Lolth. Only one challenge per month for each player can be made and it may only be for one rank higher. The challenge must be made directly in character using the forum and backed it up with a story behind the assassination.

Higher ranked characters should not challenge a lower ranked position, but instead bring them up on charges of treason. Although, higher ranks may be allowed to test other lower ranks and set challenges to remove any signs of weakness in the House positions. This can be rollplayed in anyway as long as it follows the TFR Rules and the PvP Rules.

If a lower ranked character were to challenge a higher ranking position, the combat may be refused with a loss of rank, gold, or items to the higher rankied character. The terms are named by the person who is challenged. Terms include method of combat and the terms of that combat ending. Combat maybe with blades, other physical weapons, spells, poisons, or even nonviolent means. Nonviolent means should be approved by a Mediator with high rank. Ending the battle may be by first blood, loss of consciousness, death, or other acceptable terms dependant upon the type of combat chosen. Some may disagree and state that nonviolent means are inappropriate.

The consequences are claimed by the victor after the battle which may include loss of title, fine, or death in which each player is required to raise the other. It is the challenged or the challenger who pays the consequences. When Champions are involved, they do not pay. If a fight is to the death, the Champion must be lifed, and their representee killed instead.

A Champion can be announced to represent the challenger. If this happens, the challenged is also allowed their own Champion. A Champion must be a rank of equal to or lesser ranked to whom is initially challenged. A Champion will fight to assist the player who has named them. If you ever must name a Champion, remember that they are fighting on your behalf. If the parties can not agree on terms, the terms may be decided by a higher rank member, who holds both parties in their chain of command and may then also decide the terms of combat. This settlement may include choice of terms, allowance of Champions, or indeed a decision to disallow the combat altogether, and issue a rebuke to either or both parties. Either combatant may ask to have the dispute overseen by a third party voluntarily without the need for an intervention.

The parties must agree on a mediator of higher rank who will oversee the combat. The higher ranked mediator must be sure that both parties will live up to the terms, and follow the TFR Rules an, PvP Rules, and Assassination and Status Rules. The mediator is also the referee of the combat itself.

Usually, a time and place will be arranged and the individuals return to their Houses to gather a mediator. Occasionally, a Drow that is extremely angry might simply begin attacking. At this point, the other party may request that the fight be delayed, or has the option of picking up the fight on the spot.

Terms are always the same. Any weapon, any style, spells and alchemy maybe included, to the requirement of resurrecting the looser. Apologies are neither asked for nor given, but assumed at the end of the fight. Politeness is maintained throughout the entire process, lest another challenge be sparked immediately following the resurrection of the loser.
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Assasination and war
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