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 Large Sacrifice From Kor'ali

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PostSubject: Large Sacrifice From Kor'ali   Large Sacrifice From Kor'ali Icon_minitimeTue Jul 22, 2008 12:36 am

Rumor spreads through the surface and underdark that the temple of Tyr near Fae Salie was found to be the scene of a slaughter most fowl. The altar to Tyr was seen covered in blood and spiderwebs. The room was filled with blood and bodyparts of four people. Each has a very large stabbing wound over their heart. The bodies of several guards lay amidst the scene, though they appear to have been killed in a much quicker fashion. Written in blood on the wall is this message:

"You surfacers think you can tresspass on our lands and get away with it? For every surface caught in drow lands, we will sacrifice and slaughter ten of your people. Kor'ali will naut stand for it. Szith will naut stand for it. Lolth will naut stand for it. You have been warned."

House Kor'ali successfully sacrificed four surfacers and killed several guards. They turned the temple of tyr into a makeshift temple of Lolth to spit in tyr's face. This was a message to keep the surfacers out.
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Large Sacrifice From Kor'ali
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